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Knox World Pay – The Only Blockchain Solution for Mass Adoption




Only Blockchain Solution for Mass Adoption

For a country to develop, economic growth is paramount. However, the rate of economic growth worldwide is very imbalanced. Developed countries like China have recorded above 5% GDP growth rate in 2020. Contrary to that, South Sudan, an underdeveloped country, records -10% GDP annually. This economic imbalance has brought down several markets worldwide, hence delaying the development of countries globally.


Furthermore, currency fluctuations, inflation, and poverty greatly influence slow market growth. Fortunately, the introduction of blockchain systems resolves the issues facing the modern-day market. However, most countries trading cryptocurrencies are first world countries, and blockchain platforms are very unpopular in several nations.


Knox World Pay is the first blockchain platform to avail financial services to all types of economies, advanced and underdeveloped. The system is an invention from Apollo currency, the fastest cryptocurrency in the blockchain market.

Moreover, Knox World Pay is a mobile-based platform, targeting the 5 billion people worldwide who own mobile phones. The platform is the first and only blockchain-based system that ignites the possibility for mass adoption of blockchain.


How Knox World Pay is Developing Economies

Creating Employment Opportunities

Unemployment is one of the issues preventing development in markets worldwide. Countries in the Sub Saharan region have deeply poverty-stricken areas. Lack of jobs translates to little or no income, which in a nutshell, leads to poverty. 

Knox World Pay has a worldwide agent network that was founded to assist traders in cryptocurrency exchange. The agency acts like Banking institutions but in a more advanced capacity as agents interact directly with people—agents aid merchants in signing up for cryptocurrency accounts and using those accounts in day to day transactions.

 No requirements are needed to sign up to be an agent, so anybody worldwide can be a Knox World Pay agent. Therefore the platform is a source of employment for people in developed countries and locals in marginalized countries.

 By creating job opportunities, Knox World Pay massively contributes to economic growth.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Industries and businesses thrive where capital is abundant. But for an economy to develop, there is a need for an abundance of industries with several entrepreneurs. To create a stable business, the foundation of an excellent financial system is necessary. Where good banking options are inaccessible, business is on the road to failure.

Knox World Pay platform is the perfect alternative where banking systems have failed. Since the platform is mobile-based, Knox World Pay enables merchants worldwide to send and receive payments via text messages and QR codes. Therefore entrepreneurs can easily make international sales in remote areas with no internet access.

Knox World Pay helps people open up businesses in regions with no banking services, offering them financial services similar to those in first world countries. This achievement is after the development of economies both at local and international levels.

Initiating Use of Cryptocurrencies in Developing Countries

In some third world countries, inflation and corruption have weakened the value of local currencies. The financial imbalance is a norm in such countries; the gap between the rich and the poor widening every day. This imbalance has made markets in developing countries fail to sustain themselves.

Unfortunately, where local currencies have little value, international trade is difficult, if not impossible. Business enterprises have a hard time expanding their business to the global market, eliminating the possibility of an economic uprising.

Cryptocurrency can replace fiat currencies in such situations. The platform’s global agent network and offline transactions facilitate fast and secure international crypto-transactions. A business owner in Venezuela can sell goods to a consumer in Asia and get paid using BTC while completely bypassing the effects of inflation.

Service to Areas With Little Banking Reliability

Financial service availability to an economy is imperative to its development. The reliability and stability of banking systems in a country will determine the rate at which the economy thrives. Generally, financial systems in developed countries are far better than those in third world countries.

The overreliance on banking services and financial institutions has led to stagnant economic growth. Demand for these services keeps growing, and the systems can’t effectively serve everyone. Residents of rural areas in developing countries have to cater to costs such as bus fares to reach their banks. First world countries have districts with few banks encouraging long queues, making it tiresome for people to make transactions.

When most of the country’s population has access to fantastic financial services, the economy eventually develops. Economic growth is inevitable because everyone locally and globally, is financially represented. The platform is fast, user-friendly, and has minimal costs. People can say goodbye to extra expenses such as bus fares, bank account charges, and long tiring queues in banks. 


Economic development is key to a nation’s success. For economic growth to occur, capital availability and good nationwide financial services are necessities. Knox World Pay gives users the best cryptocurrency exchange experience, thereby expanding local businesses and providing premium financial services to even secluded parts of the world.

Knox World Pay is the only blockchain platform that has the potential to give financial services worldwide. International economic growth is undisputedly imminent as people can comfortably trade anywhere, anyplace, and anytime thanks to Knox.      

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$200,000 Fast Money Challenge: A Double Prize for the Leader Based on 4 Tournaments




The $200,000 Fast Money Challenge tournament series begins. Use your chance to compete for 4x times more prize places! The event includes four rounds (tournaments), each with 20 winners.

And the series leader will get double lucky! The player who scores the highest in any round relative to the entire series will get two prizes – the one they receive for winning the round plus an extra $40,000 💰

Join the fair competition of the transparent blockchain casino and grab your share!

Tournament series schedule

  • Round I: March 1 to 7
  • Round II: March 8 to 14
  • Round III: March 15 to 21
  • Round IV: March 22 to 29

Participation terms

Get rakeback in TFS Tokens for placing bets and move up the leaderboard! In each round, the 20 participants with the most TFS mined will share $40,000:

  • 1st place $20,000
  • 2nd place $4,000
  • 3rd place $3,000
  • 4th place $2,000
  • 5-10th place $1,000
  • 11-20th place $500

The series prize pool is $160,000. And the series overall champion will get $40,000 on top of the reward they win in any round.

The transparency of the results is guaranteed by the blockchain. All players’ bets are recorded on the immutable blockchain, so you can always view any of your bets via Trueplay Explorer. Just copy your ID and paste it into the Explorer search bar.

Join the tournament and get rewarded!

About Fairspin

The Fairspin online casino was founded in 2018. It operates under the Curaçao eGaming license and is a fully transparent platform where users can check their bets and other gaming actions through the blockchain. That has become possible because of Trueplay Explorer, which records everything taking place on Fairspin and makes it available for viewing.

Fairspin provides more than 5,000 games by 70+ providers translated into 20+ languages.

The casino has its own digital asset – TFS Тoken. It can be bought or sold on the exchange and earned via our special loyalty program. We have released a limited number of TFS Тokens and are making sure the rate between TFS and USD remains stable.

There are two programs based on our TFS Тoken:

Play To Earn: users get rakeback (refund) in TFS for bets in each game. They can use the received tokens for holding, sell them, or continue playing.

Hold To Earn: this is an opportunity to hold TFS and then receive a percentage of the casino income in tokens as a reward. There are three holding programs: for 8 hours, 1 day, or 3 days. The average APR of the Hold To Earn program can reach 500%. Moreover, it is fully safe since even if the casino does not have income, the user will, in any case, get all the tokens they staked.

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LedgerFi’s ($LFT) Token Pre-sale: More than 8% sold out in less than 30 min on XDC Sale

Crypto Chain Wire



LedgerFi, a leading decentralized web 3.0 secure communication platform built on the XDC Network, is excited to announce that their token sale will commence on March 14th, 2021 on XDC Sale. The token sale will offer investors the opportunity to purchase the native $LFT tokens of LedgerFi and join an innovative ecosystem of Decentralized Communication Service integrated with Decentralized Finance for enabling the seamless exchange of digital assets through a unified platform. 

LedgerFi has envisioned to become the world’s first Decentralized Digital Asset Exchange (DDAX) platform through which users can transfer all types of digital assets with a military grade security, cryptographic encryption, privacy and prevention from cyber attacks using the power of Blockchain technology.

LedgerFi is a one-stop-shop for DeFi users that provides access to various communication protocols and services in the industry such as Ledger Mail which is already live in the market and it has 750K users exchanging 2M+ emails,and upcoming products like

  • Ledger Chat: The Decentralized Instant Messaging Solution enabling users to instantly chat with peers without worrying about centralized governance. LedgerChat allows users to seamlessly communicate with each other without compromising their Digital Identity & Data Sovereignty. It’s in beta at the moment.
  • Ledger Live: The Decentralized Audio & Video Call Platform allows individuals & businesses to connect with each other in real-time. The centralized access point utilized in conventional VoIP solutions is eliminated with blockchain based communication technologies. Eliminating the hassle of handling centralized, cumbersome & hackable legacy platforms with the high-performing next-gen solution. Instead, a blockchain based communication system sends the signal from the calling party to a receiving number, which is then replaced by a dispersed network shared by all network users.
  • Ledger Pay: The Decentralized Cross-Border Remittance platform providing human-readable, interoperable & lightning-fast payment transfer capabilities for financial inclusion of the unbanked individuals.
  • Ledger Mint: Metaverse Interconnected NFT Transfer Hyper-personalized social connectivity for transferring, exchanging & showcasing NFTs and other digital assets through an interactive & interconnected platform.

Token Sale Details

  • Presale Address: 0x7db6AaF98bDFE47f197a3b1bbC3Cfe6CB0f302c4
  • Token Address: 0x65d358C56Ff2E64C007060D5D4dF308986734f5C
  • Total Supply: 400,000,000 LFT
  • Soft Cap: 7,500,000 XDC
  • Hard Cap:15,000,000.0 XDC
  • IDO Rate: 1.5 LFT per XDC
  • Listing Rate: 1.0 LFT per XDC
  • Liquidity %: 51
  • Min Contribution: 4,000 XDC
  • Max Contribution: 400,000 XDC
  • IDO Start Time: 14 Mar 2023, 19:30
  • IDO End Time: 05 Apr 2023
  • Liquidity Unlock Date: 05 May 2023

About LedgerFi

LedgerFi provides a web 3.0 communication service built on blockchain technology for secure communication through email, chat & payment applications. LedgerFi provides blockchain based Decentralised communication service & Decentralised Digital Assets Exchange for secure communication.

Media contact


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Firework Games Studio Builds its first Battle Royale Game – SPARK ERA, with Security and Stability on AWS




Firework Games has been working with the leading cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the upcoming release of the first-ever 3D space battle-royale game embedded with a reinforcement learning element (Companion NPC AI). Since the last article  about the SPARK ERA – AI-Enhanced NPCs, Firework Games has been working on integrating and introducing this feature for the first time in a galactic-based battle-royale MMO game.

Firework Games has worked very closely with AWS to bring this innovative feature to players. The integration of AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Auto Scaling has allowed the studio to build a scalable and reliable game server architecture that can handle the high concurrency and intense load expected during the launch of SPARK ERA. In the upcoming days, Firework Games plans to use AWS’s AI / ML services to provide an enriched player experience by automatically extracting in-game information like character names, weapons, and gear from images and text within game videos.

Using the AWS Enterprise On-Ramp support plan, the studio was able to quickly reap the benefits of a well-planned approach through infrastructure event management (IEM), AWS best practice guidance and communicating with global AWS experts to ensure SPARK ERA’s security and stability. In particular, AWS GPU cloud services are now helping the studio to accelerate their AI models. 

“Integrating AWS’s services into our game architecture has allowed us to focus on what we do best—building an amazing 3D space battle royale game with companion NPC AI,” said Moses Ip, CEO of Firework Games. “We are excited to be able to leverage the power of AWS to bring even more innovation to our players.”

About Firework Games

Firework Games is a game development company committed to using cutting-edge technology in its games. The infrastructure is built with gaming in mind, allowing for unique gameplay experiences. Immersion and mobile apps are emphasized at the Studio, allowing players easy access to our games while integrating innovation throughout our ecosystem into the gaming business.

R&D is also the firm’s major focus. The goal is to create an immersive metaverse predicted by AI based on each user’s prior behavior. While users can be in the same dimension, their perception is unique — tailored to each user’s desires. In brief, our developers are former Tencent and NetEase, and we have AI scientists in California. The first game that we developed is Spark ERA – Echo to Universe. The beta version is currently open on PC/VR, and the official launch of the Android/iOS in August 2022.


Moses Ip – CEO of Firework GamesThe Official Links: Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Website | Metaverse

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