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XTRA.FUND – 1st Global project with 90% protection for bear market times

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on is a DeFi venture which covers capital safety techniques and assurances that have formerly been unavailable in any blockchain venture. has been imparting B2B loans to corporations inside the lending enterprise functioning within the actual international within the European Union for over 6 years. is consequently a hybrid of actual-international mortgage income and the area of blockchain.

The decentralized fund, which ensures as much as 90% of the token buy price, is a crucial detail of the

Our long-time period aim is to construct the maximum worthwhile DeFi staking platform in history. needs to gain an APY of 14.7% to 45.2% whilst being absolutely transparent, decentralized, and safe.

The Guarantee Fund and Lending Fund are specially meant to offer incredible returns whilst additionally making sure the safety of the investments.

1. Where will investors get their arms at the Xtra fund token?

PancakeSwap now gives the Token. However, within the future, investors can maximum possibly be to be had on extra decentralized or managed exchanges.

2.How does the Guarantee Fund (GF) work (Example)

To illustrate, the users stakes 100,000 tokens, which at 0.001 is equal to 100$ investment for 100 days. The platform forecasts an expected ROI of 3.8 percent. This is a forecast and this profit may not be generated. 

If the token price drops to the value of the guaranteed price, the fund will supplement the loss to the value of the investment. 

If the token price drops more than the value of the guaranteed price, the fund will supplement the loss up to the guaranteed price. 

If, after 100 days, the token price is 3.8 percent higher than the initial one, the user will be able to pay out the same number of tokens with the generated profit, of course in the investment value. 

If the price rises by more than 3.8 percent but less than 103.8 percent, the additional profit in the investment value will be divided into 2 equal parts – one will go to the user, the other will to the Guarantee Fund. 

For example, with an increase of 50%, the user’s profit will be 21%.

If the token price rises more than 103.8 percent, the user gets ROI + 100% in the investment value.

If the price is the same, the user will pay out the same amount of tokens as he put in.

3.How big is the Guarantee Fund (GF)?

The initial number of XTRA.FUND tokens in GF is!

GF is powered by Liquidation Fees and token price appreciation. 

Remember that 80% of all tokens are in the Guarantee Fund, which is protected by Smart Contract against any modification by the team!

4. What is a LENDING Fund (LF) and who can use it?

XTRA.FUND cooperates with loan market consortia like Kuzman, Primecorporation, Kuzman Development, etc. that have long experience and offer B2B loans on the real EU market.

Additionally, we are in talks about cooperation in the ASIAN market.

Thanks to this cooperation, XTRA.FUND can share high profits that come from such cooperation and distribute them to its users TODAY.

XTRA.FUND is therefore a combination of the world of real-world profits arising from loans with the world of blockchain technology.

Lending Fund (LF) specializes in loans to micro and small businesses (B2B). Financing is offered for the period of 12 months. MIN LOAN INTEREST IS 56% YEARLY. Transactions are secured by “blank” notes from borrowers and other guarantees. The LF business model is based on modern technologies, the best credit information providers and proprietary risk assessment models.

5.Why does it have high profits in XTRA?

We seek out those markets with the highest returns to give XTRA.FUND the highest APYs.

It’s easy to count profits that XTRA can generate – users can expect a very tempting range from 14.7% to 45.2% per annum.

Why can we afford such a high rate of return? All thanks to our real-world LOAN CONSORTIUM which offers loans with an annual interest of 56%.

So even if every XTRA USER staked for 10 or 15 years (which gives them a return of 45% per year), the company still earns 11% on the difference.


56% – 45% = 11% MINIMUM XTRA PROFIT

Currently the average profit of the XTRA CONSORTIUM is between 25% – 30% since our average XTARIAN investor stakes between 1 and 3 years.

6. What precisely is staking?

Staking is a trustworthy process. Investors can lock their coins for the term they decide, and at the belief of the staking period, they can gather the precept and they can be staked plus any hobby that has amassed over time.

Simply visit the internet site and click on the stake button, hyperlink the Metamask wallet,choose the quantity and staking time, and complete the process.

It is crucial to mention that on desktop, investors need to upload the Metamask plugin to the browser,but on mobile, it can be accessed using the Metamask inner browser.

Each cryptocurrency pocket carries keys: public and personal. The public secrets are absolutely public, permitting different users, exchanges, or systems to deposit finances into your account.

However, investors want a related personal key to retrieve that cash. This is why it’s vital to preserve the personal key private in any respect.

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Press Release

Y2B introduce protocol to allow users hedge, leverage, speculate and trade the different components of pegged assets




Y2B Finance is a suite of structured products designed for exotic peg derivatives, that will allow market participants the ability to robustly hedge or speculate on the risk of a particular pegged asset (or basket of pegged assets), deviating from their ‘fair implied market value’.

Introducing Y2B Finance

Y2B Finance is the hard fork from Y2K Finance, they follow the exact same protocol from what Y2K team did. It is a suite of products designed for exotic peg derivatives that will allow participants to hedge or speculate on the risk of a particular pegged asset (or basket of pegged assets), deviating from their ‘fair implied market value’.

The protocol brings three main products to the table:


This flagship Y2B structured product leverages a variant of the ERC-1155 standard for the creation of fully-collateralized insurance vaults. Users can use these vaults to hedge, speculate and underwrite the volatility risk associated with various pegged assets. Token holders are rewarded from trading fees derived from this marketplace.

Users can hedge against these assets de-pegging by depositing ETH collateral into the Hedge vault and receiving Y2B tokens (Vault Tokens) in return.

Initially, users can hedge against USDT, USDC, BUSD and DAI de-pegging with weekly and monthly time periods. More assets will be supported in the future.


Volcano is a Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) powered lending market for pegged assets with MEV-proof liquidations. Volcano is the secondary market place that builds on top of Typhoon tokenized vaults. Since collateral is locked up for the duration of the vault cycle, this secondary market allows users to enter and exit positions in real time via its order book.


Wildlife is an on-chain RFQ orderbook where users can trade Y2B risk tokens amongst themselves, both unlocking ample liquidity and allowing for rapid repricing of semi-fungible tokens.

In other words, Y2B Finance offers a fully transparent, on-chain insurance solution for users, DAOs, and more looking to hedge against their pegged asset positions. Y2B also further promotes decentralization by making these markets accessible for all participants and by providing instant and guaranteed payouts via Chainlink oracles.

Y2B brings a new set of tools to DeFi that will allow users to better manage their stablecoin risk. 

To keep up with Y2B follow them on Twitter.

Official Website:

Official Docs:

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Press Release

SolidProof Announces New Partnerships to Further Enhance Services

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SolidProof, a leading blockchain-based audit/KYC services provider, announced new partnerships that will further enhance its ecosystem.

The new partnerships will provide the blockchain community with enhanced services and enrich the SolidProof ecosystem. The move aims to help SolidProof become the go-to provider for secure smart contract audits, KYC services, and more.

New Partnerships Enriching the SolidProof Ecosystem

SolidProof’s Twitter account brought many interesting announcements these last weeks. The company continues to form new partnerships with some of the most exciting projects in the blockchain & crypto space.

For example, they have recently announced a partnership with Crypto Miners. This is a marketing and educational firm working with some of the hottest blockchain projects and crypto on-ramp platforms. The goal is to take crypto to the next level and expand the company’s reach.

The team also partnered with Coination, a specialized AMA firm with a huge German community. The group taps into untouched crypto interests, representing a great addition to the SolidProof ecosystem.

Moreover, they announced the launch of CookieSale. This is a new crypto launchpad for which SolidProof will provide audit, KYC, and marketing services.

PeanutTrade is another project with which the company signed an important partnership agreement. PeanutTrade focuses on DEX strategies. It helps web3 startups list a token on a DEX, manage automated liquidity, and trade on the decentralized exchange.

SolidProof also announced its partnership with Blockdeed. This is a global real estate marketplace using smart contracts for property transactions. Users can manage their for-sale portfolio through private dashboards and sales management tools.

Finally, MusureWorld is yet another exciting cooperation that the company recently announced. MusureWorld enables creators and gamers to enter the metaverse economy.

Providing the Blockchain Community with Enhanced Services

The new partnerships announced by SolidProof will bring great innovation and convenience to the blockchain community. They will enrich the SolidProof ecosystem, making it easier for users to live an exceptional experience in the blockchain sphere.

These collaborations also prove the company’s commitment to providing its customers with top-notch services and the best user experience possible.

The team behind SolidProof works hard towards achieving growth and providing a wide range of services to the crypto community. With their new partners by their side, they made one step forward to make that dream a reality.

About SolidProof

The German-based company SolidProof offers a wide range of smart contract audit, KYC, and marketing services. The team behind the project works hard to offer its customers the safest, most compliant, and most secure services possible.

Their mission is to become the go-to provider for everything blockchain audit and KYC related. In order to achieve this goal, they offer their customers top-notch services and an unbeatable user experience.

SolidProof has been making great strides in the blockchain and crypto space, forming new partnerships in a growing ecosystem. These collaborations will bring a great deal of convenience to the blockchain community and make SolidProof’s services even more accessible.

SolidProof’s website and social pages represent a great way to keep in touch with its latest news, partnerships, and services.

Twitter (Official) | Twitter (Insider) | Facebook | Telegram

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Press Release

DIFX Says Hola Mzansi by Joining Hands with Digital Banking Platform eZaga to Launch DoshFX

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Fully secured centralized exchange, DIFX has officially partnered with eZaga, South Africa’s premier digital banking platform, to set up a new regional crypto platform, DoshFX.

Digital Financial Exchange known as DIFX is an EU-regulated CEX, disrupting the financial industry by bridging digital and traditional assets. With DIFX, users can create diverse portfolios in various asset classes like indices, forex, CFDs, commodities, futures, and cryptocurrencies all while having access to a fully secured wallet. In a mission to expand its services and accelerate blockchain adoption through the African continent, DIFX has officially partnered with the South African digital banking platform eZaga.

Founded in 2014, eZaga has been a pioneer in providing financial solutions to the underbanked & informal sector with innovative tools and services that enable people to transform the way they manage finance through the use of mobile technology. Over the past 2 years alone, the African continent has become a well-developed crypto market that has seen deep penetration and integration of cryptocurrency into everyday financial activities for many users. In fact, the Chainalysis report for June 2022 showed that Sub-Saharan Africa was the overall leader in retail crypto transfers, accounting for 80.1% of the global regional transactions.

Therefore, to service this growing industry, both DIFX & eZaga have joined hands to create a new financial platform catered explicitly to the African continent called DoshFX.

DoshFX will serve as an exclusive multi-asset trading platform for users from the African continent and help increase the rate of adoption found in the region. A key mission of DoshFX is to improve financial services around the continent with blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and traditional assets. The new platform will be utilizing both parent entities’ crypto and banking solutions to reach a wide audience of crypto enthusiasts and traders alike. Furthermore, the unique partnership allows all eZaga users to open an account on DoshFX without any additional KYC requirements and have access to a secure custodian wallet.

Regarding the partnership, DIFX CEO & Co-Founder Jeetu Kataria stated “Our primary mission as DIFX is to provide a robust trading platform for our global users so that we can increase the acceptance and adoption of blockchain and digital assets in a secure and transparent manner. We want to foster a world where payments and financial management are done with the ease of your fingertips. For us, the creation of DoshFX is an extension of the DIFX mission of forging a blockchain future along with our commitment as a member of the digital space to take part in helping the industry with its adoption and bring financial inclusion to all people, especially the unbanked majority, through various digital assets.”

Saud Ally, CEO & Founder of eZaga added “The creation of DoshFX is a needed service for the African continent, as the growth of adoption in the region is unbelievable. With this new venture, we want to expand eZaga’s banking capabilities and give our existing users a platform to leverage blockchain and digital assets.” Ally further stated that “DoshFX and eZaga are working together with DIFX to create a new infrastructure that will make money move instantly, identify users, and allow them to connect to bank accounts and credit cards.” Both the respective founders also shared their mutual passion for investing in South Africa’s innovation layer and developing DoshFX to act as a foundation for all future developments and blockchain scalability within the continent.

About DoshFX

DoshFX is a premier African centralized exchange created through a partnership between a fully secured cross-asset trading platform & African digital banking platform to provide users within the region a safe and secure way to trade cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, and much more.

DoshFX is powered by eZaga Capital bearing license number FSP license no. 44133, Auth FSP.  Limits, terms, and conditions apply.

To learn more about the services and features of DoshFX, visit

About DIFX

Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) is a centralized cross-asset crypto exchange that allows users to trade between multiple asset classes that include indices, forex, crypto, metals, and commodities, just to name a few. The DIFX fully insured crypto wallet comes from a partnership with Fireblocks, one of the leading crypto custodians in the world.

DIFX was presented with the “Most Trusted Cross-Asset Trading Platform — 2022” by the Crypto Expo Dubai and the “Best New Trading Platform Award” at the E-Business Awards 2021 by Entrepreneur Middle East and the Forex Expo 2021.

To begin your journey with Endless Possibilities, download the app now from the iOS or Google Play Store, or visit us at

About eZaga

eZaga is a South African digital banking platform and authorized financial services provider that enables African users to open a bank account via their mobile phones in less than two minutes. It leverages mobile technology like USSD and a mobile app, existing banking infrastructure like ATMs, and a low-fee structure to empower unbanked people and organizations to achieve more.

To learn more about eZaga visit or download the app now on iOS or Google Play Store.

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