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“The moment Bitcoin is identified as a currency, it will legally disappear” – said Vienna stock exchange chief Boschan

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Christoph Boschan is unlikely to become a convinced Bitcoin investor anytime soon. Most recently, the head of the Vienna Stock Exchange compared the Bitcoin hype with the tulip mania and attested a crash as soon as BTC was regulated as a currency or financial instrument. In an interview with BTC-ECHO, Boschan wants to clarify the question: Is there a threat of an exchange rate collapse?

In an interview with Die Presse , Christoph Boschan hit a low blow a few days ago: Bitcoin is “vastly inferior to any alternative course of action” and shows similarities with “the tulip mania”. He rounded off the criticism with the ironic formulation that Bitcoin was after all “extremely important for criminal payments”. The criticism again made waves in the crypto space. However, if the statements are straightened out a bit, an existing basic Bitcoin problem becomes apparent.

Bitcoin: a matter of regulation

Opinions are divided on Bitcoin, not only among investors but also among regulators. There is still no common European legislation that creates a binding framework for crypto values. Crypto regulation is a country issue. The EU Regulation on  Markets in Crypto Assets  (MiCA) is still in draft status .

Germany, on the other hand, has a special role in European comparison. Since 2020, crypto values, including Bitcoin, have been included as financial instruments in the German Banking Act . In contrast to the MiCA draft, which provides for a separate division of tokens, e-money tokens, utility tokens and other crypto values, German legislation tries to create a uniform framework.

In Austria, however, Bitcoin is classified neither as a currency nor a financial instrument, but as a property right. This is “the great stroke of luck for Bitcoin” and “ultimately an expression of our liberal economic order”, as Christoph Boschan explains

Bitcoin is currently classified as a property right rather than a currency or financial instrument. It cannot be otherwise, because if it were classified as a currency its existence would simply not be permitted, its issuance and use would be forbidden and prosecuted in many cases – Articles 16 and 128 of our EU treaty only give the ECB the right to issue a currency.

Christoph Boschan

According to the CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange, the regulatory status can be reduced to the following formula: “The moment BTC is identified as a currency, it disappears legally”. A supposedly sensational thesis that may lure crypto enthusiasts out of the reserve, but according to Boschan only reflects the “current legal situation”. After all, Bitcoin cannot be classified as a currency, since the “house right” for the issue of currencies lies with the EU.

Ripple precedent

According to Boschan, the same applies “to regulation as a financial instrument”. Finally, the example of Ripple shows “what it means to be viewed as a financial instrument”. In December last year, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) declared the Ripple currency XRP a security token, which resulted in a legal dispute with the Californian FinTech.

But this example shows that the legal situation for the token economy is anything but clear. Contrary to the attitude of the SEC, XRP is not classified as a security in other jurisdictions, but as a utility token. In addition, it is unclear whether the SEC is right with its move. Ultimately, the competent courts will decide on the regulatory status. The precedent Ripple shows: crypto assets and regulation are still in the discovery phase.

Bitcoin regulation shows gaps

The blanket criticism that the Vienna Stock Exchange boss unloads representative of supposedly Bitcoin-skeptical stock exchange representatives may be understandable from a crypto investor’s point of view, but it is not more correct. Statements such as: “If you regulate Bitcoin like a currency or a financial instrument, then it is no longer worth anything”, should be understood less as a rejection or attack on Bitcoin and the financial infrastructure behind it, and rather as a pointer to a lack of regulations.

As a manager, however, I can conclude with astonishment that the BTC industry is looking for such proximity to “currencies” or “financial instruments” and that this is the basis for sales. This is not strategically smart, but rather toxic, because the other way around it becomes a shoe, both – both the identification as a currency and as a financial instrument – are the greatest Achilles heels of the value of Bitcoin.

Christoph Boschan

Ultimately, however, it depends on the design of the legal framework. After all, Bitcoin is classified as a financial instrument in Germany, but it has not lost its value.

A common misconception?

A few friends from the crypto environment are likely to have Boschan also made the statement that Bitcoin is a vehicle for illegal purposes. According to Boschan, this view is derived from “very simple observation from the reality of life”. Whenever the Vienna Stock Exchange is exposed to blackmailing cyberattacks, “the payment requests come exclusively in BTC, […] not in euros, not in dollars, not in yen, not in gold, not in stocks, bonds or other derivatives, all of which are digital would be even smoother ”.

Obviously, the criminals use the most obvious instrument for them.

Christoph Boschan

As is so often the case, the devil is in the details. Wanting to push Bitcoin and Co. into the corner of a shadow currency, which is primarily used by criminals, belongs in the realm of fables . As the blockchain analysis company Chainalysis outlines in the current 2021 Crime Report , only a small fraction of 0.34 percent of all crypto transactions were for illegal purposes in 2020. Compared to the previous year, the criminal crypto cash flows have decreased by almost 2 percent, “the crime related to cryptocurrencies has decreased significantly in 2020”.

However, what is generally true of illegal crypto transactions is not particularly true of ransomware attacks. According to the report, “the total amount paid by ransomware victims has increased by 311 percent this year”. Accordingly, “no other category of cryptocurrency-based crime has had a higher growth rate”. According to Chainalysis, 2020 is not only the Covid year, but also “the year ransomware exploded”.

Bitcoin economy wins through exchange

In this light, Boschan’s remarks seem to be a very sober confirmation of the increase in ransomware identified by Chainalysis. So the Vienna Stock Exchange CEO finally defends himself against the attempt to put him “across the board in the anti-crypto corner”. Because the opposite is ultimately the case:

As an infrastructure provider whose foundation is databases, we are extremely attentive and very open-minded about developments relating to distributed database infrastructures. We have dozens of initiatives behind us and we certainly share the fascination that can trigger.

Christoph Boschan

Against this background, the Bitcoin-critical tones are already losing their explosive power. Boschan’s statements can certainly be read as a call to action to embed the crypto market in clear regulations. Ultimately, this creates the basis for sustainable growth in the industry, on which a wide variety of service providers are based. In the long term, the Bitcoin economy can only benefit from an unbiased discourse with traditional financial market players.


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CUMSTAR Token, an 18+ DeFi Token Powered by Blockchain Technology




Cumstar Token is a top trending crypto token that was recently added to CoinMarketCap, and today we’ll take a look inside this Adult Cryptocurrency Project that claims to change the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Today, we’ll look at one of the top adult altcoins introduced to CoinMarketCap, and are generating the most significant attention from investors. 

Cumstar has recently become the center of attention in the cryptocurrency industry by having one of the most substantial market capitalizations.

Cumstar Token by Hush Network

Cumstar Token is a top trending crypto token that was recently added to CoinMarketCap, and today we'll take a look inside this Adult Project that claims to change the Adult Entertainment Industry.

The CumStar Token is a project exclusively with adult content, and a sharing platform powered by Blockchain technology and allows token users to purchase adult content on Hush Network platforms on an ongoing basis. 

The Cumstar token is the only currency used to purchase content and services on all the platforms, with anonymity and privacy at its heart. It is a decentralized deflationary token designed with complete anonymity in mind for its users. 

Which are the Cumstar platforms?

  • Hush Network was built to be the ideal adult industry solution and is fully powered by CumStar token, using blockchain technology. When users transact on the various platforms, they have a quick, low-cost, and utterly anonymous experience.
  • Cumstar’s streaming platform, Hush Live, like Only Fans, will enable producers to stream a wide range of material, provide an income stream based on blockchain technology, and accept donations from viewers using the platform. It has been prepared for launch and will be available shortly. 
  • Marketplace will give a venue for people looking to sell their creative works. After that, the NFTs will be available for purchase, and buyers will have the option of acquiring and displaying their NFTs through an open account or keeping their collections private.
  • HushSwap is another blockchain-powered solution that attempts to remove many of the adult entertainment industry’s fundamental difficulties. In addition to 100% tips flowing to CUMSTAR content providers, most issues are managed by eliminating chargebacks and ensuring user privacy and anonymity using blockchain technology. This platform has a slew of features that highlight CUMSTAR technology. Interactive games for their users are among these features.
  • Payment Gateway is the $CumStar payment processor that not only provides top-tier adult platforms but also introduces revolutionary technology and is currently available. The web3-powered smart contract can link to ANY Adult website and include $CumStar in minutes. It suggests that the token may be used to purchase ANY items or services on ANY non-crypto website… That is the power of $CumStar!

Cumstar holders are responsible for their wallets, seed phrases, and other personal information, which relieves the Project of much, if any, blame because none of this information is shared with anybody until deliberately submitted, as usual in the cryptocurrency world.

CumStar Token Tokenomics

Cumstar Token is a top trending crypto token that was recently added to CoinMarketCap, and today we'll take a look inside this Adult Project that claims to change the Adult Entertainment Industry.
CUMSTAR Tokenomics, by HushNetwork // Source: HushNetwork

The native token of the HushNetwork which is built on the Binance Smart Chain network, is $CUMSTAR. Users can connect with our platform, make purchases on the NFT marketplace, and give to their favorite content producers thanks to the CUMSTAR tokenomic system’s architecture. All of this was done anonymously, with the blockchain as a safeguard.

The Cumstar smart contract includes an 11 percent total transaction tax, which is divided down as follows:

  • 3% in marketing (in BNB)
  • 3% to the liquidity pool
  • 2% to reflection
  • 2% to burn
  • 1% to tipping wallet

CUMSTAR Roadmap until Q4 2021

Cumstar Token is a top trending crypto token that was recently added to CoinMarketCap, and today we'll take a look inside this Adult Project that claims to change the Adult Entertainment Industry.
CUMSTAR Q2 2021 Roadmap (Complete)
Cumstar Token is a top trending crypto token that was recently added to CoinMarketCap, and today we'll take a look inside this Adult Project that claims to change the Adult Entertainment Industry.
CUMSTAR Q3 2021 Roadmap (Complete)
Cumstar Token is a top trending crypto token that was recently added to CoinMarketCap, and today we'll take a look inside this Adult Project that claims to change the Adult Entertainment Industry.
CUMSTAR Q4 2021 Roadmap (Ongoing)

Should I get CUMSTAR right now?

CumStar is now selling for $0.00000002675. With many contract audits, including the acclaimed Certik Audit, it shows potential as a BSC token. 

Its security, according to its inventors, is among the best in the adult cryptocurrency sector. Before making a financial commitment, it’s wise to wait and observe how things progress.

CUMSTAR price forecast:

CumStar’s price might reach a high of $0.00000006 in 2023, according to Its price is predicted to reach a maximum of $0.00000009 in 2024.

The Cumstar token has increased by more than 150 percent in the previous 24 hours, with CUMSTAR’s trading volume reaching 1 544 072 USD.

CoinMarketCap of CUMSTAR

Cumstar Token is a top trending crypto token that was recently added to CoinMarketCap, and today we'll take a look inside this Adult Project that claims to change the Adult Entertainment Industry.
CUMSTAR CoinMarketCap in 1 month average.

The current Coin Market Cap ranking is #999, with a live Market Cap of USD 15,794,739 

It has a circulating supply of 590,413.77B CUMSTAR coins and a Max. supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 CUMSTAR Tokens.

Where to to buy CUMSTAR

CUMSTAR has yet to be listed on major markets because it is such a new asset. However, you may still buy CUMSTAR on a DEX (decentralized exchange), though it will take a few more steps.

Follow these steps to purchase CUMSTAR right now:

Buy Binance Coin on a licensed exchange or broker, such as Binance

Binance is one of the world’s premier multi-asset trading platforms, as well as an exchange and wallet all in one, with some of the industry’s lowest costs.

It’s also user-friendly for beginners, and it offers more payment options than any other service.

To buy in Binance, you need to:
– Create an account HERE
– Buy BNB directly with VISA
– Transfer your BNB to a Trust Wallet (BEP 20) or Metamask, or others. Do not forget that you first need to create and have your wallet address for effect.
– Swap in any DEX (Sushi Platform, PancakeSwap, Etc.) your BNB to CUMSTAR

You’ll be able to exchange for hundreds of currencies, including CUMSTAR, now that you’re linked.

Exchange your BNB directly from HushSwap to CUMSTAR

Cumstar Token is a top trending crypto token that was recently added to CoinMarketCap, and today we'll take a look inside this Adult Project that claims to change the Adult Entertainment Industry.
HushSwap UI // Source: Hushswap

CUMSTAR Ambassadors

Cumstar Token is a top trending crypto token that was recently added to CoinMarketCap, and today we'll take a look inside this Adult Project that claims to change the Adult Entertainment Industry.
Some of the Ambassadors of Cumstar/Hushnetwork./// Source: HushNetwork platform

Cumstar is proud to have such talented ambassadors promoting and interacting within the Adult Network.
Some of these Ambassadors, a.k.a. content creators partnered with Cumstars, are:

  • Kukki Doll
  • Kali Roses
  • Indianara
  • Kim Swallows
  • Sabrina Night
  • And many others

Cumstar Partnerships

Cumstars is thriving for new partnerships. One example is it’s latest one, the Income Island, a Metaverse Mining Game, which will enable to use of $CUMSTARS within the game.

Finally, Cumstar has made an enormous step ahead in capturing the $803 million adult content market to assist adult content creators/performers in anonymously buying and selling their material. 

Cumstar has also overcome many difficulties that content developers and performers in the adult entertainment business confront.

The Project has established market and payment solutions that directly benefit adult content consumers, and providers as the need for tailored adult content grows and attracts more people.

Social Links for CUMSTAR:

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Countdown to Bitcoin Taproot upgrade: Will the node need to be updated?




The Bitcoin Taproot upgrade is in the countdown, and, as expected, it could be activated on November 13. The nodes represent the users on Bitcoin Network and protocol.

*Update: We have created a new article with information about the Taproot implementation, which you can see here: “The Bitcoin Taproot update is now live and it will bring significant changes

It just takes roughly 800 blocks so Taproot can be added to the chain, which must happen in fewer than six days for Taproot to be active in Bitcoin.

The most crucial Bitcoin network and software upgrade of the previous five years is arriving in a relatively short time. Yet, the fraction of participating nodes still hasn’t been updated to accept it.

According to the website given by the developer Luke Dash Jr. concerning the node count, in which only 50 percent of them already support the new version, The client Bitcoin Core 0.22 is the first to offer support to Taproot. Currently.

The Bitcoin Taproot upgrade is in the countdown, and, as expected, it could be activated on November 13. The nodes represent the users on Bitcoin Network and protocol.
30,393 nodes accept Taproot in Bitcoin and 30,377 nodes that do not accept it.

The dangers of a fork and split of the Bitcoin network are unlikely because of the Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade

According to Taproot, the activation date, which might be between November 13 and November 14 according to, disturbs several developers and other members of the Bitcoin community. 

The main reason is whether the difference between the nodes that activate Taproot and no could cause or encourage a happening division chain ( chain split ). The quick answer is “No,” albeit there are a few flats.

As bitcoiner Nicolas Bourbonni explained that for a chain split to occur, the nodes must amass enough processing power to construct a blockchain that is longer than the existing one. The miners’ evidence of labor accomplishes this.

Given their support for Taproot earlier this year, Bourbonni does not believe miners would wish to run alternative software and reject blocks that contain Taproot-type transactions.

On the other hand, Taproot is incorporated in Bitcoin as a soft fork, implying that this upgrade is compatible with prior versions of the Bitcoin software and the blockchain’s history.

Therefore, an outdated node does not have the power to reject a version of the chain that includes blocks with transactions of the Taproot format, without this leaving it outside the Bitcoin consensus.

Bourbonni noted that nodes that are not updated would not receive transactions from Taproot, such as those that a user could send from their wallet. 

Still, these nodes can accept and relay the blocks that include these transactions and are added to the chain by the miners.

For his part, Luke Dash Jr. explained that chain divisions should not be confused with a strong fork since this is the particular version of different software and is incompatible with the predominant version in the most significant number of nodes.

An old node is a forced fork concerning each soft fork [the other nodes].

So if we have a lot of old nodes, the rules are not applied consistently, and pressure is created from the [Bitcoin] economic sector to support a hard fork [different version of the software] to remove Taproot, said Luke Dash Jr., a Bitcoin developer.

Dash also noted that the emergence and acceptance of an alternative software or hard fork are unlikely. Still, if a Bitcoin economic sector decides not to upgrade to Taproot, it could incentivize the creation of two different chains ( chain split ).

CryptoDeFinance recently reported that some nodes have been having problems with Taproot transactions in tests carried out by developers.

Therefore, Bitcoin users have been suggested to take certain precautions regarding this upcoming update.

Learn a bit more about the Taproot Upgrade

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Rover Finance Raises $350K in Less Than 5 Minutes on PlutoPad

Team Bitcoin Daily



Rover Finance, a revolutionary payment management protocol, designed to cater to the unique needs of crypto native businesses, raises $350K in less than 5 minutes for its pre-seed round on the 1st of September. The pre-seed for the project was conducted on PlutoPad, the seamless and user-friendly launchpad built on the NORDEK blockchain. PlutoPad offers fast, efficient, and active support to launch web3 projects.

Rover Finance provides a vast array of services including automating payroll processing to streamlining invoicing, bookkeeping, and accounting. The platform empowers web3 businesses with financial operations. For example, corporate employees can withdraw in part fiat, part crypto / full crypto / full fiat, or any other configuration of crypto and fiat that they wish, which eliminates the complex tracking using Excel sheets and negotiations to convince employees to accept full crypto.

The web3 payments solution doesn’t just have these innovative solutions to offer but also has a highly user-friendly interface aimed at making financial management easy. Security is the primary consideration in all things finance – and Rover ensures the utmost standards of security. 100% KYC compliant, Rover Finance is multi-chain, and global, with access in over 140 countries. 

PlutoPad chose Rover Finance to be their debut project and support them in the journey from development to deployment to delivery. Here is what the launchpad’s project had to say.

“PlutoPad – the first ever launchpad built on the NORDEK blockchain, has been instrumental in helping us realize our vision of redefining financial management for crypto-native businesses. Their expertise, support, and commitment have been invaluable on this journey”, said Rover Fiance’s team.

About PlutoPad

With marketing pushes, a robust funding ecosystem, integrations and collaborations, user acquisition outreach strategies, exclusive access to expert advisory, active support in developing a comprehensive infrastructure for token sales, informed research reports, and legal compliance assistance – PlutoPad assists chosen innovative projects, from development to deployment to delivery and serves as a platform for introducing trailblazing projects to the world.

PlutoPad and Rover Finance are powered by NORDEK, a revolutionary platform that provides a developer-and-consumer-friendly blockchain environment. With its pioneering ecosystem, focus on innovative solutions, and rapid growth – Rover Finance could not have chosen a better blockchain to build on. The whopping success of the pre-seed round is a testament to the power of the thriving community that drives the NORDEK ecosystem. 

With the $350K that Rover Finance has raised, they aim to expand resources and invest in speedy success. This milestone is a result of the trust and support of the crypto community and early investors.

Rover Finance is Raising For its Seed Round

Rover Finance’s seed round is scheduled for 10 September. For the seed round Rover is targeting a $650,000 raise where investing currency would be USDT. A total of 10 Million $ROVE tokens will be allocated for the seed round. The minimum investment amount is $5,000. Invest in a project that has potential here:

Rover Finance:



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