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GSX – When Crypto is Done Right





With all the hype right now around yield farming, there are so many new platforms entering the market it’s dizzying. Sadly, most of these platforms will not be around a year from now and their users will feel the brunt of this decision. The worst part is these losses are completely avoidable. You just need to use some sound financial understanding to see if the project you are investing in makes sense.

There are some new platforms in the space that do more than just hype users up. These platforms separate their firms from the pack via strict transparency and community governance. Transparency is a key component of a cryptocurrency’s ability to remain relevant. GSX is a new project that promises to push transparency to new levels.

Transparency is Needed

The crypto market lacks true transparency right now. Nobody can tell you what the value of their coin will be tomorrow except for stablecoins. Of these select coins, very few offer a true backed and pegged cryptocurrency. Many start with a 1:1 pegged coin then slowly, and through secretive changes of their terms of service, they veer off from this state of true pegged coins to some hybrid. 

Tether is the world’s most successful stablecoin. However, this coin isn’t pegged at 1:1 with USD. Originally it was. However, after the issuance of billions in USDT, people began to question this association. It was soon revealed that the firm changed its terms of service to include fiat currency and company loans. At the time there weren’t very many options, so the market continued using Tether.

Today, there are more choices in the market. GSX is one choice that provides users with the protection and security they desire. The platform allows third-party auditors to evaluate its holdings and its value as a company. These valuations include the value of the mine and all the equipment as well. This total is the number used to determine what your yearly dividends will equal.

GSX token holders are the trust beneficiaries of the Apollo Financial gold mining operations. Currently, this impressive mining production plant is 5,000 acres. The mine is currently producing gold bullion. As the mine continues to produce more gold, the value of the land and the company appreciates. The value of gold also is set to appreciate for the coming years. 

All of these factors mean that as a GSX token holder, your yearly dividends increase exponentially. There is no other blockchain asset with this capability. GSX is a smart long term and short term investment because of its flexibility.


GSX combines the best elements from a stable coin, cryptocurrency, and investment coin and is the only stable coin that grows in asset value continually. As a commodity-backed stablecoin, GSX takes the crown. It is more stable than other gold coins and appreciates.

As a cryptocurrency, GSX beats out Bitcoin and the rest of the market. For one, GSX resides on the Apollo blockchain. This is the fastest blockchain in the world. Transaction speed tests put this blockchain’s transaction speed at below a second. When you couple this with the fact you can send GSX globally, it’s easy to see why people are starting to convert their Bitcoin over in record numbers.

Quantum Barrier

GSX is the world’s only quantum-resistant stablecoin. This title means that in the next five years, when these supercomputers become affordable, GSX users don’t need to scramble for protections. The rest of the market needs the equivalent of a technological miracle to prevent these machines from toppling their security. 

Quantum computers are incredibly powerful. Just one machine has the computational power of an entire blockchain. Their entrance into the market will signal doom for many platforms who are carelessly avoiding taking the necessary precautions.

Gold vs. GSX

GSX is like Gold 2.0. It delivers the value of gold with the speed and flexibility of cryptocurrencies. Notably, GSX is much better suited to handle the day to day transactions of the population versus gold or fiat currencies. GSX is also safer to travel with, send, and store. Best of all, you will have a ton of storage options as GSX is their premier stablecoin for the Apollo network. 

Now let’s scale this scenario in different ways. First, imagine the cost of sending a million in gold globally, probably at least $100,000. That comparison makes it easy to see GSX wins but let’s look at a different scenario. This time you have a million people all sending small amounts of gold globally. Even with Amazon’s fleet of drones, there are so many delays and risks that its almost impossible all of these payments make it to their destination.

If you were to evaluate a normal international transaction between gold and GSX, it would be no comparison. You could send $1 million in GSX in seconds globally for pennies. It will cost you around a hundred bucks just to send your necklace across the planet. Worst of all, it’s at risk of theft the entire route.


Gold has another form of theft that is more notorious, theft through dilution. All through history people have melted down gold removed a little bit, and then replaced the stolen gold with another metal. It could be years before any ever notices. Sadly, this practice is a major issue for the market and will be forever.

Nobody can fake GSX, or force your transaction. This blockchain has the most advanced security protocols of all time. Only you hold the ownership of your GSX. No one can confiscate or steal your holdings. The only way you can lose your GSX is if someone talks you into sending it to them. 

A Closer Look 

Gold just doesn’t have what it takes to serve the needs of this digital generation. The world has more people than ever, and more opportunity. GSX allows users to leverage the latest tech to create a unique and extremely useful financial tool.


GSX has an exciting pre-sale event currently at The firm has discounts of up to 50% for early bird investors. The company has already announced that it plans to burn 50%, of what is offered and not sold during the event. These deflationary tactics help strengthen the value of GSX even more.

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Firework Games Studio Builds its first Battle Royale Game – SPARK ERA, with Security and Stability on AWS




Firework Games has been working with the leading cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the upcoming release of the first-ever 3D space battle-royale game embedded with a reinforcement learning element (Companion NPC AI). Since the last article  about the SPARK ERA – AI-Enhanced NPCs, Firework Games has been working on integrating and introducing this feature for the first time in a galactic-based battle-royale MMO game.

Firework Games has worked very closely with AWS to bring this innovative feature to players. The integration of AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Auto Scaling has allowed the studio to build a scalable and reliable game server architecture that can handle the high concurrency and intense load expected during the launch of SPARK ERA. In the upcoming days, Firework Games plans to use AWS’s AI / ML services to provide an enriched player experience by automatically extracting in-game information like character names, weapons, and gear from images and text within game videos.

Using the AWS Enterprise On-Ramp support plan, the studio was able to quickly reap the benefits of a well-planned approach through infrastructure event management (IEM), AWS best practice guidance and communicating with global AWS experts to ensure SPARK ERA’s security and stability. In particular, AWS GPU cloud services are now helping the studio to accelerate their AI models. 

“Integrating AWS’s services into our game architecture has allowed us to focus on what we do best—building an amazing 3D space battle royale game with companion NPC AI,” said Moses Ip, CEO of Firework Games. “We are excited to be able to leverage the power of AWS to bring even more innovation to our players.”

About Firework Games

Firework Games is a game development company committed to using cutting-edge technology in its games. The infrastructure is built with gaming in mind, allowing for unique gameplay experiences. Immersion and mobile apps are emphasized at the Studio, allowing players easy access to our games while integrating innovation throughout our ecosystem into the gaming business.

R&D is also the firm’s major focus. The goal is to create an immersive metaverse predicted by AI based on each user’s prior behavior. While users can be in the same dimension, their perception is unique — tailored to each user’s desires. In brief, our developers are former Tencent and NetEase, and we have AI scientists in California. The first game that we developed is Spark ERA – Echo to Universe. The beta version is currently open on PC/VR, and the official launch of the Android/iOS in August 2022.


Moses Ip – CEO of Firework GamesThe Official Links: Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Website | Metaverse

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Revolutionary Team Presents the Pride Pixies NFTs Promoting Social Inclusiveness




Many individuals are unfamiliar with the idea of using NFT for political change, democratic purposes, and social benefit. When it comes to NFT technology, revolution, re-organization, and re-defining are all part of artists’ daily routines. 

As one of the most innovative blockchain proponents of the year, Taylor Diamond-Vizcaino has created Pride Pixies NFT and, a groundbreaking NFT/DeFi platform.

As will be detailed more below, the project’s popularity has increased as a result of the team’s public revelation of their strategy.

Using NFTs to Change the World for Future Generations

True Dream Vision took a bold step following Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” legislation. The new legislation in Florida prohibits public school students from learning about sexual orientation and gender identity. Students from all around the country came together to urge public education to become more inclusive and cohesive for everyone.

Pride Pixies NFT’s goal is to create a world where everyone may fully express themselves without fear of repercussions. When regarded from this angle, the exchange of NFTs may be considered a mechanism for speeding up the transformation process of our society toward a more inclusive framework.

The idea of scarcity is often included in the collections of many NFT ventures. Theoretically, different NFTs will have different values because of their variable rarity.

An Essential Jewel in Your Personal NFT Library

As soon as the project launch ends, traders will have access to Pride Pixie NFTs on several secondary market platforms, including Opensea and MoovMint.

There are 10,557 hand-made items in the NFT collection. A positive view of life and a willingness to speak the truth are two of the most prominent features of these artworks.

The project’s collection aims to broaden participation in the rapidly increasing blockchain industry. The team also believes that human rights should be promoted, which is the driving force for the NFT/DeFi marketplace

The Pride Pixies NFTs come in a variety of skin tones and backgrounds. Symbols and imaginative references decorate these unique NFTs, making them even more interesting for experienced art collectors.

In addition, aspects of societal revolt are used in the collection to depict people who are both physically and spiritually liberated. The team decided to employ NFT technology as a means of combating any misogynistic ideas about women. The project is a celebration of the importance of women across all aspects of the world.

Founded by a Latinx LGBTQ activist and entrepreneur, True Dream Vision has made it clear how much work and resources the team is putting into this initiative for the sake of society.

The Promising Outlook of Pride Pixies

The team has recently revealed a number of project milestones. Pride Pixie pre-sales and minting will commence on June 1, 2022. Those who intend to participate in the round can apply for whitelisting on the project’s online webpage.

The sale of these Pride Pixies heralds the beginning of a brand new Ecosystem. The $MVMNT tokens are being produced for the sake of joining a play-to-earn (P2E) game in the virtual world (or, if we decide to use a more popular term, the “metaverse”).

According to the project’s developers, anybody who has owned a Pride Pixie NFT for six months or more will get an airdrop of 3000 $MVMNT tokens, which can be sold for cash on the most popular decentralized exchanges (DEX). 

Of the team’s income, 5% will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation ( and the Ofrezco Foundation ( Early childhood education in low-income nations is being revolutionized by, which also promotes women’s engagement in the technology industry. A portion of the $MVMNT Token sales earnings will be donated to WIT (Women in Technology).

The Pride Pixies products and merchandise may currently be purchased by anybody who wants to help the initiative.

A Team of Qualified Professionals

Team members feel society’s day-to-day activities are often affected by the gradual and persistent change. Pride Pixies NFT aims to promote equal opportunity and social fairness regardless of one’s gender, ethnicity, or any other characteristic.

Getting into the field of information technology might be difficult for many people for reasons that aren’t readily apparent. Education and market frictions, just to name a few of them, are often obstacles that are hard to overcome.

In addition to its creator, the project has three additional members on its staff. Genevieve Rupelli is referred to as the “boss woman” on the project’s website, while Taylor Diamond Vizcaino refers to herself as a “creative & visionary.”

Donald Vizcaino and Muhammad Sabir Junaid join the team as “boss men,” adding their development expertise to the project.

This project has a good chance of being successful since the members of the team are dedicated, talented, and have prior project experience. The goal of the Pride Pixies NFT is to gradually shift people’s perspectives and influence lawmakers’ decisions in favor of social inclusion.

To sensitize the market, the team has hosted various events in the past. The purpose of these video lectures and webcasts is to educate the public about the NFT and DeFi worlds.

Pride Pixies aims to create a real impact in the lives of LGBTQIA people by using activism, inclusivity, acknowledgment, and advocacy. 

Subscribe to Pride Pixies NFT for More News!

The project’s technological needs are met by Polygon, Ethereum’s most renowned layer 2 (L2) solution. 

A website and social media accounts for Pride Pixies NFT are already available and will allow supporters to track the group’s progress.

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TrueUSD Names Five Banks Holding the Stablecoin’s USD Reserve




1. TUSD is currently in collaboration with five banks.
2. Partner banks provide a safeguard for TUSD’s asset security.
3. TUSD is now audited by auditing firm Armanino.

Stablecoin TrueUSD (TUSD) named five of its current bank collaborators that ensure asset security for its USD reserves.

According to TUSD, it currently works with Signature Bank, Silvergate Bank, Prime Trust, First Digital Trust, and BitGo for the safekeeping of USD assets that back the value of the stablecoin.

For one, Signature Bank is the first bank insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to launch a blockchain-based digital payments platform—Signet.

TUSD partnered with Signature Bank, a New York-based commercial firm, and was then integrated into Signet, Signature’s payment network, opening 24/7 minting services within two minutes. TUSD admitted that this development “greatly” improved its financial services for its users. Interestingly, TUSD transactions within Signet are free.

Another TUSD partner bank from 2021 is Silvergate. This financial firm became one of the first banks to set up accounts for crypto transactions and has since become known as one of the few crypto-friendly banks.

TUSD leverages the Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN), providing users with another “efficient” token minting service.

Together with SEN, TUSD reinforces its near-instant minting and redemption services with Prime Trust’s PrimeX. PrimeX enables TUSD holders to mint and redeem tokens round the clock, offering instant settlements.

Users of the stablecoin can also mint and redeem their tokens with TUSD partner First Digital Trust. Although the bank implements minimum and maximum transactions, TUSD saw this as an opportunity to provide its users with options, especially if they plan on minting or redeeming small amounts of TUSD.

TUSD is also one of the early stablecoins that crypto custodian BitGo included in its offerings. BitGo’s secure multi-signature wallets allow TUSD users to purchase the stablecoin within the wallet. 

With BitGo, users can purchase and exchange TUSD with no fee. However, a minimum amount of $1,000 worth of TUSD is required to mint and redeem.

TUSD revealed that it is exploring more ways to better its services for its users. To do so, it plans to forge relationships with more bank partners.Earlier, TUSD was reported to now be audited by Armanino, a top European auditing firm. Armanino will attest to the stability of TUSD’s smart contracts on-chain. TUSD, in turn, becomes the only stablecoin that has implemented such security standards.

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