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Don’t miss the boat! Instead, jump into CLEVER CLVA for Big Interest



Don't miss the boat! Instead, jump into CLEVER CLVA for Big Interest

Clever CLVA is surely one of the best ways to earn more profits in fiscal markets. Indeed, Clever’s DeFi protocols are quite defined, and the CLVA tokens hold a lot of interest potential. Thus, the fact that it is expected to go into production soon is a good chance for earning big interests.

Certainly, the interest model for the Clever CLVA tokens is developed based on a progressive fundamental foundation. It is the first of its kind in this scenario, especially in the cryptocurrency or Blockchain market. So, the Clever CLVA tokens will earn you great interest, and you should get to it quickly. For a more thorough understanding of why you need to in the first place, the following points are listed for you. After that, you can make your investments and gain a guaranteed profit out of it.

Can the CLVA token of Clever DeFi guarantee interest?

Surely, this is the main question that investors want to clear up when dealing with Clever DeFi. The Clever CLVA Tokens do work really well, taking a total of 888 cycles to complete. This ends after 34.15 years, with each cycle occurring every fortnight.

Owing to this, the investors’ interest from each of their held CLVA tokens earns them lots of profit over time. As a result, one can create a more unified, Clever, DeFi ecosystem. After the cycles’ launch begins, there is no way to modify it as the smart contract is automated. And the DDM factor in Clever DeFi uncovers the CLVA token value. This later transfers out the interest payments to all the CLVA holders over 30 days.

The working of CLVA

During the minting phase of 30 days, the users can use the Clever token ERC20 smart contract. And they trade the ETH with CLVA at a daily rate. So, those who get the first entry gain the first rates, which are at the best valuation. After that, they can gain a lot of CLVA tokens too.

The supply begins at zero and then distributed, which means that the team of Clever DeFi does not get a portion of the profits. All the money that generates within the cycle is given to the investors.

Big interest percentage

Indeed, most of the DeFi environment of Clever includes investors planning to engage in yield farming. This platform allows a lot of good opportunities for its stakeholders to get high yield percentages. Indeed, the ones who mint and hold the Clever CLVA tokens can get up to 307% interest after one year. This is relatively higher than the competitors.

What’s more, the interest rate keeps increasing, for example, to 600% after five years of token holding. This is distinctive from the competing yield farming protocols. In fact, when you look at the yearly yield earned in the cryptocurrency market, Clever’s earning over the previous decade is over 60% more in comparison.


Clever would come out with the DeFi protocols and CLVA Tokens in 2021 and its minting period is expected to begin on February 1st, of that year. Those interested in earning higher profits can join the initiative, and they would earn big interests for sure.

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The reason why thousands of investors around the world choose METRADE exchange



Since its inception, METRADE has attracted a large number of traders, traders and investors in more than 10 countries around the world who switched from other exchanges to METRADE. METRADE promises to become one of the most reputable, quality and vibrant exchanges on the market in the near future. So the reason why METRADE received such attention and credibility?

Using simple

With simple trading steps 1) Set the amount you want to trade, 2) Press the Up or Down button, the trader can receive profits up to 95% of the trade amount.

The interface is optimized to save time for users. Eliminate unnecessary procedures such as identifying users used by Tronlinks with a high level of security.

Provide financial tools to help forecast exchange rates

METRADE provides financial tools that allow users to make profits by forecasting up / down movements in foreign currency rates, stock prices, indices, commodities and other assets

This minimizes the risk of investing in users. Usually, if users need advice or forecast rates, they will need to spend some money to use other separate services. However, METRADE integrates this tool to help users save costs and increase profits higher.

Outstanding security features

METRADE is run directly on the Tronlink wallet. This is the decentralized wallet of the TRX platform, which is the newest and best platform technology at the moment, allowing users to directly manage their assets on their own personal wallets. In other exchanges, the client’s money will have to be transferred to the exchange’s wallet and played on the exchange’s wallet, and the exchange can completely interfere with the client’s wallet to withdraw money. Here the floor cannot do it. Therefore, the property of customers is 100% guaranteed.

By using the most modern technologies – data signaling partners are BINANCE, OKEX, HUOBI, users can be completely assured with the absolute security of METRADE.

When opening Tronlinks wallet, note that 12 characters in case you lose your Tronlinks wallet, you can reopen your account. This character code may not be shared by the user with anyone else.

Many incentives for commissions

Users have many opportunities to earn additional income from a high discount percentage in policy types such as agent commissions, transaction commissions.

Low deposit and withdrawal fees

On older platforms, deposit and withdrawal fees range from $ 4- $ 10, with amounts ranging from $ 100- $ 100,000, fees can go up to $ 20- $ 30.

METRADE exchange: withdrawal fee: $ 2, deposit fee $ 0.1- $ 0.2

24/7 customer care service

Listen to feedback from METRADE users themselves:

Unlimited income on a safe and transparent trading platform, so much less!

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WiseToken: The Gold standard to DEFI on Binance Smart Chain launching on BSCstarter



WiseToken (WISE) is a community-driven project building its DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). WISE is the first ever ownership less asset backed crypto in defi which has the following features such as:

  • Asset backed – meaning that WISE is backed (not pledged) with a large pool of BNB which means the price of WISE token will move with BNB and also independently. This gives its holders an exposure to the phenomena to “Diversification to one Token”.
  • No team token – yes, you heard it right. There aren’t any fixed reserve for the team or the developers instead they will get the WISE token the same way any other user will i.e. BUY IT
  • No Admin Keys – true decentralisation can be achieved only when there are ZERO % alterations, hence WISE token smart contract is designed in such a way that it will destroys the admin key and make WISE unalterable  

Despite the above features being one of its kind, WISE token is been audited by CoinFabrik (Report) and The WISE team also ran a 100 ETH bug bounty for the community to double check the code before launching

Project Components:

  • Stake: Earn consistent APY over a duration of time period chosen by user
  • Lend: Collateral Lend & Borrow – Leveraged (Like stalking with 1BNB and being able to lend 3BNB and making interest on the entire position)
  • Pool: Provide liquidity to partner DEX pools or the WISE token reserve pools
  • Hold: Users will be able to take advantage of multitudinous gains from WISE & its backing tokens such as Binance Coin (BNB) as well as Ethereum (ETH)

WISE Tokenomics

The WISE token contract has no set total supply, instead the initial supply minted by the users through the Liquidity Transformer which will fall under a defined range and partially by confined randomness and referral bonuses.

The 50 day Liquidity Transformer has an average of five million WISE available each day, though some days have randomness involved. This means the total supply available in the LT will likely be around 250 million WISE. Due to referrer bonuses, there could be up to an additional 10% minted on top of that (i.e. up to 25 million more).

For more information you can check out the doc section of WISE token here

Use Case of WISE Token

The current best use case for WISE is as a store of value. Since WISE is backed by an

un-removable pool of ETH on Uniswap, the only store-of-value risks are from sells on Uniswap,and the price of ETH itself going down vs the USD. On the other hand, buy on BSCstarter with BNB, compound the gains already seen when BNB is appreciating in price.

Liquidity: 5th largest pool on Uniswap

WISE has the 5th largest pool on Uniswap ($200 million). This locked liquidity acts as a bank to hold the value of WISE to a certain amount of ETH. More purchases on Uniswap increase the amount of ETH backing each WISE. In a worst-case-scenario, if all WISE were sold back to Uniswap, even the last to cash out would get some ETH back, and there would be 28,000 ETH remaining in the pool.

Launch on BSCstarter

WISE is launching a version of it’s contract on BSC in April. This will include a massive 15 day

long 200,000 BNB raise and $550,000 in instant cash prizes (paid out in BNB) for participants in the presale. We intend to create an initial $100 million liquidity pool for WISE on Pancakeswap.

About BSCstarter:

Innovation for bootstrapped projects has been grinding to a halt on the Ethereum blockchain. Exorbitant gas fees have nearly caused new project launches to stall and existing projects to lose user engagement — staking, claiming, and normal trades are costing ETH users hundreds in transaction fees.

And this trend will likely continue.

But innovation cannot be stopped. Over the past quarter, developers have sought lower-cost options to deploy their experiments. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has become the go-to platform for new product launches based on Solidity, and for existing projects looking to stay alive.

BSCstarter — it is a community-governed launchpad for raising capital for BSC projects, that isn’t filled with government red tape and KYC rules. Instead, it is the BSCstarter community that will determine which projects to list. It is the BSCstarter community that uses their collective due diligence and DYOR skills to vote Yes or No on projects coming through BSCstarter looking for funds.

The BSCstarter community is self-empowered to:

  • Performing due diligence on every submitted application on their own
  • For community members holding at least 100 START tokens, approving or denying applicants
  • Any community and non-community member can invest in approved START projects
  • Community members can approve a future grant of 1,000 START tokens if the project is on track as promised one month after the sale
  • FREE audit for projects who successfully complete a raise, by a trusted community auditor not corporate suit auditors
  • There are no special conditions — every project approved by our community is automatically given a 1,000 START token Incubation Grant, with a 30-day lock from the day of listing on PancakeSwap.

The BSCstarter developers benefit from: 

  • A reliable and vibrant, fully self-governed community seeking trustworthy launches on BSC 
  • An open and self-service application process, available for a one-man dev shop or 100-man operation 
  • An ecosystem that will help increase their chances of success via connections and potential partners who are aligned with their vision 
  • FREE contract audits by well-known community members (Rug Detectives and VidarTheAuditor) * A wonderful user experience for their customers

For Developers:

Unlike some of the other options available, the team behind BSCstarter does not serve as gatekeepers of the platform. Neither do we perform KYC or similar vetting to hand-pick projects for our establishment suits and VCs who attempt to continue getting ahead of us. Instead, developers from all walks of life are invited to self-submit their presale on BSCstarter — no approval needed from centralized teams controlled by investment funds! (Ref. Medium)

For Investors:

The team behind BSCstarter appreciates the DeFi community that has helped carry the industry for the past year, because they are us! We are the devs, the degens, apes, and chads/chadettes who are finally given a chance to invest in innovation that provides us with liberty, freedom, and equal opportunity for all. That’s why BSCstarter has an open door policy, where anyone who trusts the peer-review of projects from their fellow community members, can participate in any presale on the platform. (Ref. Medium)

Redefining Startup Incubation Through Blockchain

In the traditional world of startup incubation, project leaders are usually given a small investment after successfully completing their incubation program. They are also given the opportunity to raise more rounds in the future via lead investors and their networks if they continue to execute as originally pitched.

BSCstarter is replicating this exact concept and applying it to the decentralized community on Binance Smart Chain. Together with our hive minds and experiences, our community is collectively responsible for:

  • Performing due diligence on every submitted application
  • For community members holding at least 1,000 START tokens, approving or denying applicants
  • Any community and non-community member can invest in approved START projects
  • Community members can approve a future grant of 100 START tokens if the project is on track as promised one month after the sale
  • FREE audit for projects who successfully complete a raise, by a trusted community auditor not corporate suit auditors

There are no special conditions — every project approved by our community is automatically given a 100 START token Incubation Grant, with a 30-day lock from the day of listing on PancakeSwap.

Media Contacts:





WISE Token






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Binary and trade the first option aimed at the crypto market



Binary and trade the first option aimed at the crypto market

A binary option is a tool in finance where participant parties in the transaction are assigned either of two outcomes depending on the option expiring on the money. It is basically based on a yes or no situation. Cash-or-nothing and asset-or-nothing are the two major types of binary options. Suppose the option expires in the money; the former pay a certain fixed amount while the latter has to pay the underlying security worth. Binary options trading is often practiced on platforms regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Nadex is an example of a regulated binary options exchange in the United States.

A binary option is the first option aimed at the cryptocurrency market mainly because of its benefits.

How binary option works?

An example of how binary option works outside the United States.

The instrument that is mostly used in the trade is a fixed-return or high-low option. The worth of these option indices, commodities, stocks, and foreign exchange can be accessed. The date and time of expiration of the contract and the strike price are also clearly stated. A trader has an obligation to make a call on the possible direction of the market and the price at the time of expiration. If the wage is correct, the trader gets a fixed return. Suppose the wage is incorrect the trader losses the original investment. A broker is the one who discloses the date of expiry, the pay-out, and the risk at the point when the trade is initiated.

Why Binary option in the crypto market?

Availability of contracts both during the day and at night; This obviously makes it easy to access the available contracts at any time of need by an aspiring participant.

Binary options trading can be of use to people of all levels of experience. This is a beneficial step, especially when taken by newcomers in the cryptocurrency market. This has been made even easier in the “”

The open possibility of limiting losses or locking in profits; A participant, who in any case has foreseen a possibility of losing, is allowed to exit the contract early before it expires. He or she can place another order to close his or her position.

Trading Binary options contracts is a simple and easy process. For a long time, it has been a common option even for low-skilled traders. One can also see the contracts that are available to trade at any time. 

Traders are well informed in advance since the strike price, date, and expiration time are clearly stated.

If you want to trade just acess Binaryetrade.

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