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CorionX Initial Dex Offering Announcement: Here’s How To Participate

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CorionX is focused on merging the cryptocurrency and stablecoin sectors via its utility token and educational platform. The project builds a global community where each member can share knowledge, use cases, and info on all aspects of wide-ranging digital finance. 

This unique venture’s native utility token, CORX, functions as an incentive for stablecoin and decentralized finance (DeFi) popularization. The ERC20 token facilitates participants to share info, grow the CorionX community, and use various practical cryptocurrency apps.

Token holders using CORX daily are rewarded with numerous benefits, such as 2.5% staking quarterly in the Loyalty Staking Program

Through its #MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement, CorionX is fostering the use of stablecoins as the new crypto instruments that will transform how payments are made globally. 

The movement will reward contributors and participants with CORX tokens as an added incentive to reach mainstream adoption. CorionX’s team has a vital objective of reaching 20 million daily stablecoin and DeFi users by 2021.

CorionX Initial Dex Offering (IDO) Is Coming Soon

The CorionX project reached a significant milestone recently with the successful completion of their IEO on Probit Exchange.

However, the market situation is changing fast, and the popularity of DeFi and DEXes has exploded in the last couple of months. Many community members now indicate that they would prefer to trade CORX on DEXes and an IDO (Initial Dex Offering) for providing liquidity for trading. 

IDOs offer projects a new and innovative way to raise funds via decentralized finance instead of centralized exchange listings. CorionX has decided to explore the possibility of an IDO to offer enthusiasts and investors who prefer DEXes a new opportunity to be a part of a groundbreaking project. 

The IDO will also favor community members who couldn’t participate in the IEO process because of their unfamiliarity with centralized exchanges. 

Interested investors will soon have the opportunity to participate in CorionX IDO, scheduled to go on from 2-15 November. Tokenizer DEX, a fully decentralized platform that facilitates the trading of over 100 tokens, will host the token’s listing. 

Participants in the IDO with Tokenizer can benefit from a special promotion, where they get a 17% sales bonus on token purchases and earn up to 27% rewards for inviting friends. This special referral campaign guarantees that both referrer and referee gets a 10% bonus. 

The raised IDO funds will help in finance developments of the CorionX ecosystem and also provide liquidity on Tokenizer and Uniswap. After the IDO, the CorionX team plans to list CorionX prompt on Tokenizer, Probit, and Uniswap at the same time.

The move to list CorionX on DEXes, supported with an IDO, serves the community’s best interest and supports extending CORX use cases.

To participate in the CORX IDO on Tokenizer, click on this link

More on CorionX’s Listing On Tokenizer and other Partnerships

CorionX’s scheduled listing on Tokenizer highlight’s the project’s ambition to partner with industry leaders to further its cause for mainstream adoption.

Tokenizer is on a mission to democratize and reinvent the world of banking and investments by fulfilling the tokenization needs of users on their token issuer, launchpad, and DEX. Over 100 tokens can be traded on the Tokenizer DEX in a fully decentralized way, with no KYC requirements or registration process. 

The platform also offers state of the art security by performing token accreditation checks on-chain. Their oracles verify several compliance features, including whether the receiving wallet belongs to an accredited investor.

Tokenizer is primed to revolutionize the DeFi field and address several key pain points to democratize investments and boost direct market participation and growth. The DEX connects with various other players and exchanges to inject improved liquidity to the DeFi marketplace. 

CorionX has also fostered several other mutually beneficial partnerships in the recent past, which provide additional use cases for CorionX.

The Syscoin interoperability bridge integration facilitates quick, affordable, and scalable transactions for the CORX utility token while allowing users to tap into the benefits of Ethereum’s DeFi network. 

The FUSE Network and Studio partnership will introduce a perfect backend of the CorionX wallet, which will offer the next generation of mobile payments. FUSE will power affordable, fast, and highly scalable transactions via Stablecoins, CORX, and other ERC 20 tokens.

More recently, on Oct 20, the Corion Foundation announced a new partnership with the TEAL Marketplace. This decentralized marketplace connects consumers with the best recommendations, and merchants with the most suitable customers, via proprietary artificial intelligence (AI).

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Website | CORX IDO

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Press Release

 Wemade and MYSTiC Games to onboard new highly inter-operable games to WEMIX PLAY

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  • First Swedish company to join WEMIX PLAY global blockchain gaming platform
  • New RPG games feature innovative blockchain-based elements VoYd Tokens, VoYd Heart and VoYd Soul 
  • Fully inter-operable: VoYd Tokens and NFTs earned can be used across all current and future games built on MYSTiC GAMES’ Catalyst platform 

Leading global game developer Wemade has signed an onboarding agreement with MYSTiC GAMES, the first Swedish game studio to onboard games to WEMIX PLAY, the world’s biggest blockchain gaming platform. With over 9 million cumulative users, WEMIX PLAY offering close to 40 web3 games including the hugely successful MIR4 and its sequel, MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond, the largest P&E MMORPG in the world; collectible card game Summoners League; and farming simulation game Every Farm.

MYSTiC GAMES will onboard “Call of the VoYd” and “Heroes of the VoYd”, the first two games that will offer full cross compatibility in its growing ecosystem. 

“Call of the VoYd” is a free-to-play, mobile-first cross-platform top-down ARPG Roguelite game with auto-aim precision. As players progress through the game, they collect various characters and items, each with its unique set of skills and abilities. 

“Heroes of the VoYd” is an easy-to-play idle RPG that combines simple effective core gameplay with strategic decision-making. Players must fight against monsters to unearth new heroes and unique weapons.

They can trade, sell, or use these in-game items inside and outside the game to customize their characters. These items will also be transferable between players, and can be spent in-game as well as staked and sold. 

VoYd Tokens, Voyd Heart, Voyd Soul

VoYd tokens and NFTs will be shared across future games with the tokens playing a crucial role in “Heroes of the VoYd”. Serving as an in-game currency, players can utilize tokens for various purposes, but the primary focus is on using tokens to level up their Heroes.

The games feature innovative blockchain elements like the prestigious VoYd Heart and VoYd Soul which offer a range of benefits including the ability to safeguard gameplay progress by saving levels, and unlock additional game content like heroes and chests. VoYd Souls will also include an increased role in the MYSTiC DAO that will manage the entire gaming ecosystem.

“We believe in a future where your time and skill in gaming can be just as valuable as your time spent working and with other hobbies,” said Matthew Buxton, CEO of MYSTiC GAMES. “We look forward to a bright future together.”


A renowned industry leader in game development with over 20 years of experience, Korea-based WEMADE is leading a once-in-a-generation shift as the gaming industry pivots to blockchain technology. Its WEMIX PLAY global blockchain gaming platform ( offers everything from card, puzzle, simulation and strategy games; to first-person shooters, battle royale, SNG, MOBA and MMORPG games. Besides standard GameFi services like exchange, staking, swap, pool and bridge, WEMIX PLAY also offers a marketplace to trade NFTs and a Drops feature for developers to launch new collections.


MYSTiC GAMES is a crew of industry veterans on a mission to create the next wave of heart stopping multiplayer mobile games. We’re player first, player friendly and soon to be player owned. For more information, please visit:

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Press Release

Saitama Unveils Groundbreaking Layer 0 Blockchain: SaitaChain

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Saitama, an esteemed pioneer in the Web 3.0 domain, has made an exciting announcement regarding its latest creation, SaitaChain. This revolutionary Layer 0 blockchain has the potential to reshape the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape by offering exceptional transaction speeds and competitive fee structures. SaitaChain stands as a testament to Saitama’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology and fostering innovation.

SaitaChain is not simply an incremental improvement on existing technology; it represents a fundamental shift in blockchain architecture. By leveraging advanced sharding techniques, this Layer 0 blockchain addresses the pressing challenges faced by Layer 1 counterparts, such as congestion and exorbitant gas fees. The launch of the alpha testnet this month signifies a strategic leap forward, providing developers and users alike with a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly environment.

The SaitaChain Roadmap – A detailed glimpse into the future.

At the heart of the SaitaChain ecosystem lies the Saitama Token, a versatile cryptocurrency that plays a pivotal role in facilitating transactions and fueling gas fees. The integration of the Saitama Token within SaitaChain emphasizes Saitama‘s vision of a decentralized financial system that prioritizes efficiency and affordability.

In conjunction with the introduction of SaitaChain, Saitama has also revealed the operational launch of XBridge, an innovative blockchain bridge connecting the Ethereum (ERC) blockchain with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Released on October 23, 2023, XBridge is an impressive technological feat that unlocks unparalleled interoperability and flexibility in the realm of DeFi. Users can now seamlessly transfer assets between these blockchains, gaining enhanced market access and increased liquidity options.

Saitama‘s commitment to making DeFi accessible to everyone is evident in their suite of products. The Saitama Token, the SaitaPro app, and the SaitaCard are all part of a cohesive strategy to demystify and mainstream DeFi. The SaitaCard, in particular, stands out with its global ATM access, diverse payment options, and seamless integration with the SaitaPro app, all without the burden of monthly fees.

SaitaPro, a non-custodial wallet that supports multiple blockchains, offers a secure and intuitive platform for asset management. Its collaboration with ePayme enhances the user experience by simplifying the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Saitama’s expansion into logistics with SaitaLogistics, in partnership with ePayme, exemplifies their innovative use of blockchain technology in practical, real-world applications. This peer-to-peer logistics system facilitates secure cryptocurrency transactions, streamlining the shipping process on a global scale.

SaitaChain serves as the cornerstone of Saitama’s expanding ecosystem, which includes SaitaSwap, an innovative multi-chain decentralized swap platform designed to cater to cryptocurrency investors with secure token trading capabilities.

In reality, SaitaChain is much more than just a blockchain; it serves as a strong foundation for constructing a more integrated, inclusive, and efficient blockchain ecosystem. Saitama‘s pioneering work in Layer 0 technology is helping to chart a path for the future of DeFi, setting the standard for future evolutions of the blockchain landscape.

As Saitama continues its leadership role in advancing blockchain technology, SaitaChain will play a crucial role in supporting a more secure, streamlined, and accessible financial system. Saitama’s vision of a decentralized financial future depends on their innovation and execution, and their continued dedication to progress will help create a more decentralized, efficient, and equitable financial world.

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Press Release

 Wemade to support blockchain gaming ecosystems growth in Dubai and the UAE through collaboration with Dubai Chambers 

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Wemade CEO Henry Chang (left) meets with Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers (right)

  • Wemade is the first and biggest Korean game developer to establish official talks for joint collaborations with Dubai Chambers
  • Talks mark next phase of Wemade’s efforts to support the growth of blockchain gaming ecosystems in Dubai and the UAE

Henry Chang, the CEO of leading South Korea-based gaming giant Wemade met with H.E. Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers, to discuss a broader scope for future collaboration. Wemade is the first and biggest Korean game developer to establish talks with Dubai Chambers for broad plans to contribute to game development industry initiatives. The meeting between CEO Chang and Dubai Chambers’ President and CEO H.E. Lootah marks the next phase of Wemade’s efforts to support and grow blockchain gaming ecosystems in Dubai and the UAE. 

As an advocate for the interests of Dubai’s business community, Dubai Chambers serves as a bridge connecting the local business community with Dubai’s dynamic government and is committed to ensuring a thriving environment in which businesses can flourish. The chamber seeks to facilitate and improve the ease of doing business in the emirate and advance Dubai’s position as a highly competitive global commercial centre. 

“The UAE is among the most dynamic regions building the next generation of games and gaming industry talent with Dubai and key stakeholders including Dubai Chambers playing an important role,” said Henry Chang, CEO, Wemade. “Wemade will focus on working with Dubai Chambers to explore how we can contribute our expertise and technology to support key initiatives including the Dubai Program for Gaming 2033.”

H.E. Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers, commented: “We are pleased to initiate this collaboration with Wemade, which will contribute to driving innovation in the UAE’s rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. Dubai’s growing influence in the global gaming and blockchain arenas reflects our dedication to fostering an ecosystem that is rich in technological expertise. We remain committed to further strengthening the emirate’s position as a leading global hub at the heart of the digital economy.”

Unveiled recently by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), the Dubai Program for Gaming 2033 set out major industry goals. These are: to position Dubai among the top 10 cities in the global gaming industry; generate 30,000 new jobs in the gaming sector; significantly boost the sector’s contribution to the growth of Dubai’s digital economy; and increase the GDP by approximately US$1 billion by 2033. 


A renowned industry leader and innovator in game development, Wemade is now leading a once-in-a-generation shift as the global games industry pivots to blockchain technology. Through subsidiary WEMIX, Wemade is building an experience-based, platform-driven, and service-oriented mega-ecosystem to offer a wide spectrum of intuitive, convenient, and easy-to-use Web3 services. This includes WEMIX PLAY, the world’s biggest blockchain gaming platform which can transform games of every genre into blockchain games.

About Dubai Chambers

Dubai Chambers is a non-profit public entity that supports Dubai’s vision as a global player by empowering businesses, providing innovative value-added services and access to influential networks. In March 2021, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced the restructuring of Dubai Chamber and the formation of three chambers for the emirate, namely, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai International Chamber, and Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, which now operate under Dubai Chambers. For more information, please visit: 

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