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Can You Find All That You Need as a Crypto Trader with XTRgate?




If you want to be a great cryptocurrency trader at some point in your life, you have to make sure that you start the right way. The right way to start trading cryptocurrencies is by picking the right broker from day one. Now, choosing your first broker can be a huge challenge because you don’t know about all the factors that matter and help you in picking the right broker. In addition to that, you can’t really be sure about your decision because it is one of your first big decisions in life that involves your money. Of course, a detailed review can always be a greatly helpful and that’s why I am writing this review for you.

So, as an individual who wants to trade cryptocurrencies, you want to find a broker that really understands what cryptocurrency trading is all about. I recommend you check out XTRgate if you want to do that. I have found this broker to be one of the best for those who are specifically looking for a way to trade cryptocurrencies. I might recommend other brokers if you want to trade other financial assets, but for those who are interested in digital assets, this might just be it. Let me review the broker more so you know if you will find everything that you need as a trader with this crypto broker.

The Many Features Differentiating XTRgate

·       A Trading Platform Just for Cryptocurrency Trading

The trading platform that you pick for trading cryptocurrencies has to be one of the best. You cannot ignore the importance of a cryptocurrency-specific trading platform here because cryptocurrency trading might not be exactly like trading other assets. As I mentioned earlier, you can find a lot of online brokers that provide you with other types of trading, but you are looking specifically to trade cryptos. That’s where, I believe, XTRgate is doing a better job than other brokers. With this broker, you will be on a trading platform that is specific to the type of trading you are looking to do.

All the charts and tools that you need while trading are already there on your trading platform. If you are looking for a basic chart to know the value of a cryptocurrency, you will have that on your platform. However, you can also find some advanced charts that will tell you more about an asset so you can trade with more success. You will not have any troubles using this trading platform for a variety of reasons. First of all, you will like the fact that it is easy and intuitive, made specifically for new and beginning traders. You will learn it within minutes.

In addition to that, you are going to find the fact quite amazing that you can use this trading platform on any device that you own. It does not matter what the size of your device is or what type of operating system it runs because the trading platform will run on all your devices. Your iOS and Android phones will run this software with ease. Furthermore, you will have no issues using the trading platform on your smartphone, computer, tablet, or laptop. That’s how the broker has created a trading platform that will fit into your lifestyle with ease.

·       The Center for Education

Your broker should not only serve as a trading platform where you can trade your favorite digital assets. In fact, it should provide you with all the resources that you need as a trader to become a professional in the future. And that’s what I think XTRgate is doing with great seriousness. I think this broker understands what the most important factors are for traders. So, when you look at the trading education and material that the broker has arranged, you instantly realize that it is something different. You are not dealing with any generic material that you can find on any website on the internet.

The education center from XTRgate is one that you can really trust for providing you with something that you really need. For example, you have ebooks and videos included in this course, which means you can learn at a pace that is most suitable for you. In addition to that, you will find some basic content on trading as well as some advanced content that will help you learn advanced trading strategies. The best thing is that you will find in-depth trading courses as well. This way, you will be able to become a professional trader in no time and trade with a high success rate.

You can find it on the website that there are many lessons included in the course. This is what makes the trading education from the broker great. You can find the information in the form of lessons so you will learn in steps. I personally like the fact that the broker has a glossary of terms on the website as well. This glossary will give you all the important terminologies that you need to learn as a beginning trader. These terms are more important than you might think because they help you learn all the other training material that you get from the broker or any other resource on the internet.

So, if you are looking to start on the right foot and get all the education that you need for trading, you should go with the training course from the broker.

·       The Convenience of Banking

The convenience of banking is extremely important when you sign up with an online broker. you have to know what while you are trading, you constantly have to deposit money in your account and withdraw it. The broker has made sure that you can do that with ease and without paying any unnecessary charges to the broker. If you want to deposit funds in your account, you can first go with the credit card option, which is safe and fast. You can use not only MasterCard and Visa credit cards, but Maestro credit cards as well. If you want your deposits to be safer, you can go with the bank wire transfer option.

The best thing about the broker is that it lets you transfer funds in to your account through eWallets as well. This allows you to trade cryptocurrencies with ease. EWallets are fast and most suitable for traders who are genuinely interested in trading cryptocurrencies. So, you can rest assured when you sign up with this broker that you will not have any issues when it comes to depositing funds in your account.

·       On-website Help

Do you know a broker has it in its hands to help you with trading education without making you sign up with one of its trading accounts? With most brokers, you have to spend a lot of time thinking about which account you should sign up with. After you have made up your mind, you have to spend money to sign up with one of the given accounts. In other words, you have to spend money to learn anything from the broker because as soon as you sign up with an account, you are given access to all the training material from the broker. You cannot get access to the training material with these brokers unless you spend money.

On the other hand, I love the fact that there are some brokers who put a lot of information that traders need right on the website. Why do you have to spend money for some basic education that you can get from the website of the broker? I feel great after signing up with a broker that cares about its traders in every way. When I browsed the website of the broker, I was amazed to see that there is a lot of information about trading right there on the website. This information is available to me and you without spending any money on signing up with any accounts.

And I can bet you that this is not some subpar and low-quality information that you will find on the website. It is not generic information that you can find on any website that talks about trading. This information is there to help you with your trading decisions. Do you want to learn about the many analytical methods that you can use to evaluate your trades? You can learn both methods, fundamental analysis and technical analysis with this broker.

·       Five Cryptocurrencies and More

If you are a modern trader who is interested in trading cryptocurrencies, you want some freedom of trading. You will only get this trading freedom when you sign up with the best online brokers. In fact, you can get this freedom only when you sign up with reliable and caring cryptocurrency online brokers. So, with other crypto brokers, you will notice that you have only the major cryptocurrencies available to you for trading. They will offer you their trading platform for trading Bitcoin. If you are not interested in trading the biggest cryptocurrency of the world, you will have to go with Ethereum. That’s where your options will end with most brokers.

On the other hand, I love the fact that XTRgate provides me with more options than most other online brokers that provide their trades with cryptocurrency trading services. In addition to Ethereum and Bitcoin, I can also trade Dash, Ripple, and Litecoin, which are some great digital currencies that you want to get your hands on before you take a trading decision.

You don’t have to wait to be a professional trader before you can talk about the diversification of your portfolio. You don’t even have to trade in many financial markets to do that either. In fact, you can do that with a broker like XTRgate when you trade many cryptocurrencies. Trading many cryptocurrencies will allow you to diversify your portfolio, which means you will have your risk distributed across many different assets.

·       Customer Support for Traders

No matter which broker you are thinking about signing up with, you must never underestimate the importance of proper customer support. This is how you see the loyalty and care of the broker you are signing up with. If the broker is not serious with the matter of helping you, it will not have proper customer support in place. Contrary to that, if you have signed up with the right broker, you will see that it has a special focus on customer support. This means the broker is there to help you when you are in need. That’s what I noticed with this broker. Let me start with the fact that the website of the broker is in multiple languages, which means it cares for its traders from all corners of the world.

Secondly, you don’t have the customer support available to you only on Sunday. You can call on any other day of the week at any time you want, you will still have someone on the phone ready to help you with your concerns. The broker is there to help you and makes sure that it does not run away from the matters in any way. So, you can notice on the website of the broker that there is an email address that you can use to get in touch with the broker. In addition to that, you have a phone number that you can call to talk to a human representative who will help you with your concerns professionally.

Final Thoughts

The broker also has proper refund policy in place. In my experience, I have noticed that the broker is doing a great job in providing something unique and memorable to its traders. That’s not something that I have noticed with every broker. After looking into all the features of this broker, I have reached a conclusion that it can be recommended to any trader without any hesitation. From an advanced trading platform to progressive analytical charts and graphs along with some great free education, I think this broker is providing its traders with everything they need.

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Press Release

BULLZ launches new campaign manager for web3 projects to collaborate with content creators




BULLZ, known as the “TikTok of Crypto ”, is the first dedicated platform for users to discover and get rewarded for blockchain and crypto-related recommendations. Meanwhile having onboarded creators with an amassed 24m+ reach, the app has announced its feature expansion for verified creators and web3 projects to collaborate seamlessly. The new BULLZ Campaign Manager is available for any web3 related project to launch a campaign and receive user-generated content from top verified creators.

Brands can now instantly set up content requests through the BULLZ Campaign Manager to help boost their marketing, social proof and overall project awareness. After setting up the campaign, it is immediately broadcasted to verified BULLZ creators directly within the app. Creators can view the details, discover the project and decide whether to submit to the campaign by creating and uploading a video about the project.

Depending on the campaign settings, content creators can also earn more rewards for sharing the content on Twitter and/or Instagram. This ensures the content creation and content distribution for web3 brands. After submitting to a campaign, creators receive the $WOM reward instantly in their wallet. Since the content is part of a brand campaign, it is labeled as “sponsored” within the BULLZ app to ensure transparency. BULLZ has already initiated first campaign use-cases with various crypto projects, including Jigstack, Mad Metaverse, and leading music NFT Marketplace ROCKI.

Bjorn Niclas, CEO & Co-Founder – ROCKI: “We are excited to create campaigns on BULLZ as it not only supports our content marketing but in a way also helps onboard more potential users who might have not known about ROCKI but now get to learn more about what we are doing. Videos are also a great medium to grab attention and bring awareness.”

Melanie Mohr, CEO & Founder of BULLZ: “This new feature for brands and creators will really fuel web3 marketing and community building to a next level. We know how hard it is for web3 related projects to market the amazing products they are building. Now they can easily set up campaigns as content requests in under 5 minutes and start seeing the first influx of content around their products. There is no selection process, as every verified creator sees the campaign and can personally decide to submit or not. This helps maintain authenticity and is seen within the content.”

The BULLZ app is available for both iOS and android users. BULLZ has integrated the WOM Protocol as an economic incentive system that allows users to monetize their word-of-mouth recommendations about blockchain-related projects.

About the WOM Protocol

WOM (word-of-mouth) Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol that gives brands, content creators, publishers, and social networks a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendations on any website, app or platform. WOM is backed by dozens of seasoned investors from around the globe. For more info about WOM:


BULLZ is a dedicated app for discovering authentic blockchain and crypto-related recommendations. Users can find trending projects, discuss them together with other crypto enthusiasts and experts and can get rewarded for sharing their own videos about the projects and companies they love. With the “promote to earn” model, users are rewarded with WOM Tokens for their recommendations directly within the app. For more information about BULLZ:

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Press Release

Lyfe, the first music artist to debut its own Metaverse

Crypto Chain Wire



Miami-based entrepreneur Antonio Trincao, a.k.a. Lyfe, has unveiled the imminent release of his music album and the most innovative entertainment experiences and concerts in his own unique medium: The Odyssey Metaverse.

Introducing Lyfe from The Odyssey

After turning his career from being a tech entrepreneur to a full time music artist, Antonio Trincao a.ka. Lyfe shares how he got to do this transition in his career:

“My dream is to create music that becomes the bridge for anyone to start pursuing their own dreams. I believe that we live in a period in time that we are going through a global spiritual awakening, where people will actually want to break free. My generation wants to eat well, exercise, study, learn, dream and celebrate life in the most meaningful manner.

We want to make money and live our life by doing what we love.

I came to terms that I want to pursue what I love. And I found that one of the main pillars of this revolution of “pursuing what you love” will be the Metaverse. I think if done right, it will become the foundation that allows people to ideate, create and pursue their dreams, and develop their own businesses in a transparent and truly engaging online world.

The thing I’m proud, is that we actually have a Metaverse platform that works, has beautiful 3D graphics that provides a pleasant experience for fans, has engaging features that as an example allows fans to meet me virtually and see me, and works in any smartphone or laptop. No headsets needed.

On the other hand I also love real life. I love people. I love performing, but the power that a virtual world platform gives to you is unbelievable, because there is no limit of what you can do.

So I want to revolutionize the entertainment industry by co-ideating with my fans the most spectacular worlds, and perform the most unique concert experiences first in The Odyssey and then replicating in real life.”

Lyfe shared that he gained this knowledge after producing a virtual concert back in 2020 with super stars Farina and Toosii that had more than 40,000 attendees and 1,000,000 views across social media platforms.

The former tech entrepreneur shares also shared that the first step to be part embark on this journey is getting the Lyfe book.

“I decided to create a book with 6 chapters, with a strong focus on my life journey until now as an entrepreneur. Not from a place of ego, but more from a place of vulnerability so that people understand why I am doing this.

In 2020 I had one of the most turbulent years of my life after pivoting my first company (events marketplace) to a virtual events platform, face rapid growth and fail to deliver product to customers.

This led to a huge financial crisis and debt and something that was the catalyst to really ask what do I want to do with my life!

Building something out of nothing, and tell a story with true purpose, it’s probably one of the best feelings in life. You really feel like a pirate on the discovery of the unknown. Although my problem is that I never truly pursued the purpose I believed in, in the way that I’m truly made to pursue. In the way that I truly love, and in the way that I know I’m gifted. Through music.”

The Lyfe NFT Book

On June 20th, 2022, Lyfe unveils the real-life NFT book with a limited edition of 50,000 copies, that contains the journey for Lyfe fans including his story, the why of his music, and citizenship passes to access The Odyssey Metaverse entertainment experiences.

Lyfe journey to The Odyssey shared in the Book

Lyfe and his team have created a journey that serves the purpose of his music.

Empowering humans to bring their dreams to life.

Lyfe states “I feel that the world has lost its soul, and at the same time we are looking to feel more spiritually connected. My music and the type of concert experiences that I will create for my fans will help them discover their passions, and what they truly love. This book, the music and experiences that I create it’s all about helping you get there.”

The First Step

Lyfe is dropping the first song from his album, with the sole purpose of empowering his fans to pursue what they love in life.

Those holding Lyfe’s NFT book will also have a partial royalty on the song launch.

Lyfe shared “My dream is that the song translates the messaging behind the Lyfe Revolution, which serves has a daily ignitor and catalyst to help humans pursue the very best version of themselves.

On top of that, I believe this is the first time of the history of our civilization that we can actually break free, achieve the financial freedom that we always dreamed about and truly pursue what our heart and dreams wants. Therefore all the holders of the book should have a partial royalty, because this song was made for them. To support them. To empower them.” 

The Second Step

Lyfe is challenging all its community members to get the Galatian NFT a collection of 7,777 characters with the sole goal of doing the #lyfexercise a 5-day tech detox.

Galatians will have to turn off their smartphones, laptops, and hardware devices during this period. Instead of using their devices, they will have to connect with their inner spiritual soul by writing and thinking about various questions such as:

●  What makes them happy?

●  What are their fears?

●  What are their dreams?

●  What have they accomplished in the last 2, 3, 5, or 10 years?

●  What are they ashamed of?

After completing the challenge, members will be rewarded with an exclusive Lyfe metaverse video concert airdrop and special merch members only sale.

Lyfe shared “I want my fans to feel empowered from day one. I want them to think about what they truly love in life. And let my music be their daily friend that comes and says hi while they go on that journey.

The Third Step

Lyfe will launch the y-Chains, a 2,000 edition in real life, and Metaverse chains, giving Lyfe fans “The Galatians” a citizenship pass in The Odyssey Metaverse. The citizenship pass will feature two elements:

●  Full features that come with the citizenship, including video calls, shopping in-world, events, so that Lyfe Fans “The Galatians” can meet Lyfe and other members, and participate in experiences

●  Access to the all areas of The Odyssey and discovery Lyfe’s most unique entertainment experiences.

Lyfe quotes:

“My vision is actually to create entertainment experiences designed by the fans. I want to co-build concerts with my fans and community. I want them to ideate experiences, create products, organize event experiences so we can build the most unique entertainment experiences that the world has ever seen.”

Lyfe shared with our team that, more chapters will be unlocked after the Chapter 3 y-Chains but as of right now remain in secrecy and will be only revealed upon completion.

Lyfe also states his wish to help shift from the culture of “addiction” and overuse of online platforms like Facebook or Instagram:

“One of the very first things I want to achieve with our community that we are creating is that my fans have a limit of 4 hours a day of usage in The Odyssey. My team and I think 4 hours will allow fans to experience the best entertainment experiences online, meeting other like-minded fans and still enjoy the outside world and spend time in real life.”

About Lyfe

Antonio Trincao, a.k.a. Lyfe, is an artist and entrepreneur based in Miami, Florida. 

“I see myself more as a Steward of the message: Pursue what you love. I want to create music that endures the purpose of this community. Now, I am actively recruiting to fill all executive positions, including CEO and COO to help operate The Odyssey which will be the playground for my fans and my concert experiences, while I focus on what I love… Music!”

The Odyssey aims to become a defining project in crypto, NFTs, and the Metaverse. Lyfe and his project will launch a summer tour of events, starting with the official launch during NFT NYC, where fans can meet Lyfe and get to learn more about his vision in person.

For more information and to start your journey with Lyfe please follow the links below:

Lyfe | website | Lyfe on Instagram |

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Press Release

Inaugural ZENCON a resounding success

Crypto Chain Wire



Over 200 participants and attendees of the 68-Hour-Hackathon produced 24 projects across 5 categories on the newly introduced ZENIQ Smartchain. Conference to return next year.

It wasn’t only the views that were breathtaking. Once the virtual dust had settled, so were the results of the inaugural “ZENCON Technology Conference and Innovation Awards Hackathon” at the Grand Hyatt Hotel conference location in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Under a strict time limit of just 68 hours the attendees of the Hackathon event produced stunning results that made the high-caliber jury of Shahin Kamran (Vice President Blockchain Product Development & Innovation at Mastercard), Oderli Ferriani (CEO a S.E.C regulated token), Rodrigo Espinosa (DIRECTOR at Greentech cluster & International Cleantech network), Mag. Erwin Dokter (CEO of ZENIQ(R) Technologies Ltd.) and Fernando Unzue (Business Technical Director in Data Loyalty) wonder if it would be fair to declare winners.

“We knew we arguably had some of the brightest minds in blockchain development on site here in Mexico. But then these hackers came storming out of the gates and the results were nothing short of spectacular,” said Dokter, co-founder of ZENIQ, the company behind ZENCON. “It’s exactly what we hoped for – an in-person event that would spark creativity and showcase what the ZENIQ Blockchain and Smartchain really are capable of.”

It is fair to say that the conference checked both boxes. In total, 200 developers and innovators attended the conference, making the inaugural event a resounding success. 24 projects were created across five categories. Eventually, the jury had to make a call and awarded these projects prizes ranging between 10,000 and 20,000 USD.

The second inaugural “ZENCON Technology Conference and Innovation Awards Hackathon” will be held in June 2023. The location will be announced at a later point in time.


  • In the “Metaverse/Gaming” challenge, contrary to expectations, two extraordinarily exciting projects will share the $20,000 with $10,000 per project.
    • TeMe – An easier and more fun way to manage the information of the company’s employees (10.000$)
    • Netverse (A metaverse-project where the players can challenge each other for an amount of ZENIQ tokens) (10.000$)
  • In the “NFTs/Tokenization” challenge, the $20,000 prize money will be distributed to the N Farm project. N Farm is an NFT platform for the certification of food of animal origin that facilitates normative export.
  • In the Challenge “Decentralised Finance (DeFi) & Defi 2.0”, the $20,000 prize money goes to the True Commit project. The team builds accountability into finance and links investments directly to final purchases.
  • The $20,000 of “The world of Web 3.0/Tools & Infrastructure” Challenge was won by the team “Data Link”. The team focuses on incentives for data sharing and credential verification in the chain.
  • The category “B2B/B2C solutions on the ecosystem” presented a particularly exciting picture for all participants. The top prize of $20,000 went to DemeterGift. Their project focuses on fundraising as a service on the web3.

In addition, there were two special prizes that no one had expected. One was the Huitzil project, which simplifies the creation of smart contracts. The other was the FiDora project, which specialises in the decentralisation of real assets. Both projects were accepted into the ZENIQ Incubator Programme.


“ZENCON was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to be a part of the next edition”, Damiany Rosales, Durango-Mexico

“I learned a lot about blockchain in general and how to interact and meet a lot of people from a lot of countries”, Salvador Gutierrez, Durango

“We came here with no expectations and were very pleasantly surprised to find so many motivated talents from all over the world. We are convinced that ZENIQ is creating a platform that will change the world for good. ZENIQ to the moon!”, Balint Tatai, Austria

“A fantastic hotel and a great opportunity to meet wonderful people and very well organised.

My team and I are already looking forward to next year’s event!” Vitali Kromine, London UK


Introduced in 2022, ZENCON by ZENIQ is an annual technology conference and event to unleash the power of the ZENIQ blockchain technology. With more than 11,000 applicants for only 200 coveted spots, the ZENCON Hackathon will feature some of the world’s finest blockchain developers and innovation leaders. ZENCON 2022 is being held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico from June 3-8, 2022. More information about ZENCON can be found by visiting

About ZENIQ Technologies Ltd.

The blockchain project was launched in 2018 and ZENIQ Technologies Ltd. was officially established in May 2021. It is a research and development company that develops customised, proprietary software and hardware solutions based on blockchain technology. Based in Dubai, UAE, the company has quickly made a name for itself with the ZENIQ Hub, a unique hardware device for fully integrated decentralised usage of blockchain applications. Learn more about the ZENIQ ecosystem at

Media Contact:

Eric Heinemann

CMO of ZENIQ Technologies

PR Contact:


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