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Can You Find All That You Need as a Crypto Trader with XTRgate?




If you want to be a great cryptocurrency trader at some point in your life, you have to make sure that you start the right way. The right way to start trading cryptocurrencies is by picking the right broker from day one. Now, choosing your first broker can be a huge challenge because you don’t know about all the factors that matter and help you in picking the right broker. In addition to that, you can’t really be sure about your decision because it is one of your first big decisions in life that involves your money. Of course, a detailed review can always be a greatly helpful and that’s why I am writing this review for you.

So, as an individual who wants to trade cryptocurrencies, you want to find a broker that really understands what cryptocurrency trading is all about. I recommend you check out XTRgate if you want to do that. I have found this broker to be one of the best for those who are specifically looking for a way to trade cryptocurrencies. I might recommend other brokers if you want to trade other financial assets, but for those who are interested in digital assets, this might just be it. Let me review the broker more so you know if you will find everything that you need as a trader with this crypto broker.

The Many Features Differentiating XTRgate

·       A Trading Platform Just for Cryptocurrency Trading

The trading platform that you pick for trading cryptocurrencies has to be one of the best. You cannot ignore the importance of a cryptocurrency-specific trading platform here because cryptocurrency trading might not be exactly like trading other assets. As I mentioned earlier, you can find a lot of online brokers that provide you with other types of trading, but you are looking specifically to trade cryptos. That’s where, I believe, XTRgate is doing a better job than other brokers. With this broker, you will be on a trading platform that is specific to the type of trading you are looking to do.

All the charts and tools that you need while trading are already there on your trading platform. If you are looking for a basic chart to know the value of a cryptocurrency, you will have that on your platform. However, you can also find some advanced charts that will tell you more about an asset so you can trade with more success. You will not have any troubles using this trading platform for a variety of reasons. First of all, you will like the fact that it is easy and intuitive, made specifically for new and beginning traders. You will learn it within minutes.

In addition to that, you are going to find the fact quite amazing that you can use this trading platform on any device that you own. It does not matter what the size of your device is or what type of operating system it runs because the trading platform will run on all your devices. Your iOS and Android phones will run this software with ease. Furthermore, you will have no issues using the trading platform on your smartphone, computer, tablet, or laptop. That’s how the broker has created a trading platform that will fit into your lifestyle with ease.

·       The Center for Education

Your broker should not only serve as a trading platform where you can trade your favorite digital assets. In fact, it should provide you with all the resources that you need as a trader to become a professional in the future. And that’s what I think XTRgate is doing with great seriousness. I think this broker understands what the most important factors are for traders. So, when you look at the trading education and material that the broker has arranged, you instantly realize that it is something different. You are not dealing with any generic material that you can find on any website on the internet.

The education center from XTRgate is one that you can really trust for providing you with something that you really need. For example, you have ebooks and videos included in this course, which means you can learn at a pace that is most suitable for you. In addition to that, you will find some basic content on trading as well as some advanced content that will help you learn advanced trading strategies. The best thing is that you will find in-depth trading courses as well. This way, you will be able to become a professional trader in no time and trade with a high success rate.

You can find it on the website that there are many lessons included in the course. This is what makes the trading education from the broker great. You can find the information in the form of lessons so you will learn in steps. I personally like the fact that the broker has a glossary of terms on the website as well. This glossary will give you all the important terminologies that you need to learn as a beginning trader. These terms are more important than you might think because they help you learn all the other training material that you get from the broker or any other resource on the internet.

So, if you are looking to start on the right foot and get all the education that you need for trading, you should go with the training course from the broker.

·       The Convenience of Banking

The convenience of banking is extremely important when you sign up with an online broker. you have to know what while you are trading, you constantly have to deposit money in your account and withdraw it. The broker has made sure that you can do that with ease and without paying any unnecessary charges to the broker. If you want to deposit funds in your account, you can first go with the credit card option, which is safe and fast. You can use not only MasterCard and Visa credit cards, but Maestro credit cards as well. If you want your deposits to be safer, you can go with the bank wire transfer option.

The best thing about the broker is that it lets you transfer funds in to your account through eWallets as well. This allows you to trade cryptocurrencies with ease. EWallets are fast and most suitable for traders who are genuinely interested in trading cryptocurrencies. So, you can rest assured when you sign up with this broker that you will not have any issues when it comes to depositing funds in your account.

·       On-website Help

Do you know a broker has it in its hands to help you with trading education without making you sign up with one of its trading accounts? With most brokers, you have to spend a lot of time thinking about which account you should sign up with. After you have made up your mind, you have to spend money to sign up with one of the given accounts. In other words, you have to spend money to learn anything from the broker because as soon as you sign up with an account, you are given access to all the training material from the broker. You cannot get access to the training material with these brokers unless you spend money.

On the other hand, I love the fact that there are some brokers who put a lot of information that traders need right on the website. Why do you have to spend money for some basic education that you can get from the website of the broker? I feel great after signing up with a broker that cares about its traders in every way. When I browsed the website of the broker, I was amazed to see that there is a lot of information about trading right there on the website. This information is available to me and you without spending any money on signing up with any accounts.

And I can bet you that this is not some subpar and low-quality information that you will find on the website. It is not generic information that you can find on any website that talks about trading. This information is there to help you with your trading decisions. Do you want to learn about the many analytical methods that you can use to evaluate your trades? You can learn both methods, fundamental analysis and technical analysis with this broker.

·       Five Cryptocurrencies and More

If you are a modern trader who is interested in trading cryptocurrencies, you want some freedom of trading. You will only get this trading freedom when you sign up with the best online brokers. In fact, you can get this freedom only when you sign up with reliable and caring cryptocurrency online brokers. So, with other crypto brokers, you will notice that you have only the major cryptocurrencies available to you for trading. They will offer you their trading platform for trading Bitcoin. If you are not interested in trading the biggest cryptocurrency of the world, you will have to go with Ethereum. That’s where your options will end with most brokers.

On the other hand, I love the fact that XTRgate provides me with more options than most other online brokers that provide their trades with cryptocurrency trading services. In addition to Ethereum and Bitcoin, I can also trade Dash, Ripple, and Litecoin, which are some great digital currencies that you want to get your hands on before you take a trading decision.

You don’t have to wait to be a professional trader before you can talk about the diversification of your portfolio. You don’t even have to trade in many financial markets to do that either. In fact, you can do that with a broker like XTRgate when you trade many cryptocurrencies. Trading many cryptocurrencies will allow you to diversify your portfolio, which means you will have your risk distributed across many different assets.

·       Customer Support for Traders

No matter which broker you are thinking about signing up with, you must never underestimate the importance of proper customer support. This is how you see the loyalty and care of the broker you are signing up with. If the broker is not serious with the matter of helping you, it will not have proper customer support in place. Contrary to that, if you have signed up with the right broker, you will see that it has a special focus on customer support. This means the broker is there to help you when you are in need. That’s what I noticed with this broker. Let me start with the fact that the website of the broker is in multiple languages, which means it cares for its traders from all corners of the world.

Secondly, you don’t have the customer support available to you only on Sunday. You can call on any other day of the week at any time you want, you will still have someone on the phone ready to help you with your concerns. The broker is there to help you and makes sure that it does not run away from the matters in any way. So, you can notice on the website of the broker that there is an email address that you can use to get in touch with the broker. In addition to that, you have a phone number that you can call to talk to a human representative who will help you with your concerns professionally.

Final Thoughts

The broker also has proper refund policy in place. In my experience, I have noticed that the broker is doing a great job in providing something unique and memorable to its traders. That’s not something that I have noticed with every broker. After looking into all the features of this broker, I have reached a conclusion that it can be recommended to any trader without any hesitation. From an advanced trading platform to progressive analytical charts and graphs along with some great free education, I think this broker is providing its traders with everything they need.

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Press Release

DIFX Says Hola Mzansi by Joining Hands with Digital Banking Platform eZaga to Launch DoshFX

Crypto Chain Wire



Fully secured centralized exchange, DIFX has officially partnered with eZaga, South Africa’s premier digital banking platform, to set up a new regional crypto platform, DoshFX.

Digital Financial Exchange known as DIFX is an EU-regulated CEX, disrupting the financial industry by bridging digital and traditional assets. With DIFX, users can create diverse portfolios in various asset classes like indices, forex, CFDs, commodities, futures, and cryptocurrencies all while having access to a fully secured wallet. In a mission to expand its services and accelerate blockchain adoption through the African continent, DIFX has officially partnered with the South African digital banking platform eZaga.

Founded in 2014, eZaga has been a pioneer in providing financial solutions to the underbanked & informal sector with innovative tools and services that enable people to transform the way they manage finance through the use of mobile technology. Over the past 2 years alone, the African continent has become a well-developed crypto market that has seen deep penetration and integration of cryptocurrency into everyday financial activities for many users. In fact, the Chainalysis report for June 2022 showed that Sub-Saharan Africa was the overall leader in retail crypto transfers, accounting for 80.1% of the global regional transactions.

Therefore, to service this growing industry, both DIFX & eZaga have joined hands to create a new financial platform catered explicitly to the African continent called DoshFX.

DoshFX will serve as an exclusive multi-asset trading platform for users from the African continent and help increase the rate of adoption found in the region. A key mission of DoshFX is to improve financial services around the continent with blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and traditional assets. The new platform will be utilizing both parent entities’ crypto and banking solutions to reach a wide audience of crypto enthusiasts and traders alike. Furthermore, the unique partnership allows all eZaga users to open an account on DoshFX without any additional KYC requirements and have access to a secure custodian wallet.

Regarding the partnership, DIFX CEO & Co-Founder Jeetu Kataria stated “Our primary mission as DIFX is to provide a robust trading platform for our global users so that we can increase the acceptance and adoption of blockchain and digital assets in a secure and transparent manner. We want to foster a world where payments and financial management are done with the ease of your fingertips. For us, the creation of DoshFX is an extension of the DIFX mission of forging a blockchain future along with our commitment as a member of the digital space to take part in helping the industry with its adoption and bring financial inclusion to all people, especially the unbanked majority, through various digital assets.”

Saud Ally, CEO & Founder of eZaga added “The creation of DoshFX is a needed service for the African continent, as the growth of adoption in the region is unbelievable. With this new venture, we want to expand eZaga’s banking capabilities and give our existing users a platform to leverage blockchain and digital assets.” Ally further stated that “DoshFX and eZaga are working together with DIFX to create a new infrastructure that will make money move instantly, identify users, and allow them to connect to bank accounts and credit cards.” Both the respective founders also shared their mutual passion for investing in South Africa’s innovation layer and developing DoshFX to act as a foundation for all future developments and blockchain scalability within the continent.

About DoshFX

DoshFX is a premier African centralized exchange created through a partnership between a fully secured cross-asset trading platform & African digital banking platform to provide users within the region a safe and secure way to trade cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, and much more.

DoshFX is powered by eZaga Capital bearing license number FSP license no. 44133, Auth FSP.  Limits, terms, and conditions apply.

To learn more about the services and features of DoshFX, visit

About DIFX

Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) is a centralized cross-asset crypto exchange that allows users to trade between multiple asset classes that include indices, forex, crypto, metals, and commodities, just to name a few. The DIFX fully insured crypto wallet comes from a partnership with Fireblocks, one of the leading crypto custodians in the world.

DIFX was presented with the “Most Trusted Cross-Asset Trading Platform — 2022” by the Crypto Expo Dubai and the “Best New Trading Platform Award” at the E-Business Awards 2021 by Entrepreneur Middle East and the Forex Expo 2021.

To begin your journey with Endless Possibilities, download the app now from the iOS or Google Play Store, or visit us at

About eZaga

eZaga is a South African digital banking platform and authorized financial services provider that enables African users to open a bank account via their mobile phones in less than two minutes. It leverages mobile technology like USSD and a mobile app, existing banking infrastructure like ATMs, and a low-fee structure to empower unbanked people and organizations to achieve more.

To learn more about eZaga visit or download the app now on iOS or Google Play Store.

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Press Release

The world’s largest online general merchandiser DollarStore, will start accepting Oduwacoin in their online U.S flagship Store




The world’s largest online general merchandiser DollarStore, will start accepting Oduwacoin in their online U.S flagship Store.

“The official cryptocurrency of the  Dollarstore.”

An incredible milestone for the Oduwa community; The world’s largest online general merchandiser, DollarStore, will begin accepting oduwacoin in their online U.S flagship stores.

A new partnership between ODUWA and DollarStore is set to change the way we shop. The two companies have come together to create a unique shopping experience that will offer customers the best of both worlds.

“Cryptocurrencies should be spent like money and not sold.” -Nana Obudadzie Oduwa I 

Why this partnership is beneficial for both companies

ODUWA is known for allowing people transfer digital cash to any one they want without

any territorial restrictions. The Oduwa network is built to deliver higher performance, efficiency, and enable quick transactions at lower costs., while DollarStore offers an extensive range of items at rock-bottom prices. The new partnership will allow customers to enjoy the benefits of both companies.

The two companies have already started working on a new joint venture, which is set to launch in the near future. This will be a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that will offer the best of both worlds.

The first 1,000 in the community to respond to the email  with the subject ” Send Me Coupon”  will receive a discount  off coupons when we launch. 

About Oduwa Coin

Oduwacoin, connecting crypto to the essential things we need to live. Oduwacoin is an alternative digital currency to paper money backed by the trustless blockchain technology Network. It eliminates human interference, counterfeiting, double spending, and excessive printing like government-issued money. It serves as a medium of exchange, store of value, and proof of ownership.

Unlike centralized fiat money, Oduwacoin is a decentralized open-source blockchain-based monetary system. It uses peer-to-peer technology to settle all transactions within its network. Individual coin ownership records are stored in a transparent ledger using cryptography. Oduwacoin is governed on its native Blockchain to secure transaction records, control the creation of additional coins, and verify the transfer of coin ownership.

For more information about oduwacoin, visit

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Press Release

Voltichange Ready to Enhance the Volt Inu Universe

Crypto Chain Wire



Volt Inu’s team recently announced that it is about to release its anticipated decentralized exchange. Voltichange should come later in November, but the team’s Twitter page hinted at the possibility of an anticipated release that could happen any day within the next 3 weeks.

This new tool will serve as a bridge between any DeFi project and the VOLT ecosystem. The team wants to help existing projects by adding to them the power of VOLT’s deflationary mechanisms.

Getting Ready for the Voltichange Arrival

VOLT’s community is eagerly waiting for Voltichange’s release. The team behind the project has been working hard to complete the development and testing of the platform. As they recently announced, this platform will automatically list every erc20 and bep20 tokens at launch meaning that the majority of the crypto industry will be directly concerned by the burns this platform will offer.

Meanwhile, the community is also looking forward to upcoming news about VOLT’s new partnerships, integrations, and sponsorships as well as several Tier 1 listings that seem to become more than a rumor by the day.

This is not the first time VOLT has created hype around its project. The team succeeded in delivering on its promises before, creating interest within the crypto community.

With Voltichange’s release, the VOLT universe will become more accessible, more attractive and even more deflationary since the volume generated by their upcoming exchange will generate revenues automatically used to buyback & burn the native token VOLT. The team has no doubts: this operation should lead to more adoption of the token.

History never lies

Volt Inu’s team knows the importance of a solid and engaged community. The members often give feedback and suggestions that help to improve the project.

This feedback is essential to make VOLT a success story. The team is always looking for new ways to increase its engagement with the community and grow its community.

Apart from the feedback and excitement of their community, the media and the crypto space often tended to compare VOLT to SHIBA since its early days due to their countless similarities. 

With the recent updates shared by the team, it seems that VOLT is once again on the verge of following SHIBA’s path, with hints pointing towards a series of listings on major Tier 1 exchanges, while releasing a groundbreaking DeFi product at the same time. The impact that such news had on its forerunner SHIBA can of course not be forgotten. 

About Volt Inu

Volt Inu is a digital asset investment initiative that offers its investors a diversified portfolio of assets. The project aims to help people take advantage of the growing digital economy. The project focuses on four main asset classes: NFTs, nodes, altcoins, and stablecoins.

The $VOLT token is at the center of the Volt Inu ecosystem. The token is hyper-deflationary, offering investors a solid foundation on which to grow their investments. A portion of profits from treasury investments serves to buy back and burn $VOLT tokens. This operation aims to further increase the value of the remaining tokens.

The Voltichange announcement is game-changing news for the VOLT ecosystem. The release of this new platform will make it easier for investors to participate in the growing DeFi sector. With Voltichange, VOLT’s hyper-deflationary tokenomics will become even more powerful. The team expects the move to make VOLT an attractive investment for both experienced and new investors.

Volt Inu’s website and the social media pages below feature more details about this rapidly growing project.

Twitter | Telegram | YouTube

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