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Neuer Capital Review – What Makes it a Good Option?



Neuer Capital Review

There is no doubt that technology has advanced significantly over the years and has brought about changes in every industry. The financial world has also seen some major changes happen and the introduction of cryptocurrencies is one of them. These virtual currencies have taken the financial markets by storm and crypto trading has become one of the most popular trends nowadays. As it turns out, what was regarded as something too risky, has actually become a way to make some decent money. Subsequently, it is not surprising that many people are more than eager to step into this market to try it out.

If you are also one of these people, then you should know that you will first need a genuine cryptocurrency broker to get started. This can actually be a challenge because there are a ton of crypto brokers operating in the market and it is extremely easy to become confused. You need a trustworthy and reliable broker and for that you need to do your homework. One of the options that will cross your list is Neuer Capital, a broker that was established not too long ago by Expand Solutions Ltd. Having its headquarters in Seychelles, they offer you cryptocurrency CFDs for trading.

This kind of trading is immensely popular because it doesn’t require you to purchase the asset physically and worry about where to store it. Even though Neuer Capital hasn’t been around in the market for that long, it has attracted a great deal of attention. Therefore, traders are forced to wonder what makes this broker a good choice. There are several features that stand out when you take a close look at it. Some of these are highlighted below:

Highly Secure Broker

There is no doubt that the internet offers a lot of benefits and perks to the people, but it is not without its risks. Cybercrimes are rampant, which means that your personal information can be compromised and your money can be lost when you entrust a broker with them. Yet, it is necessary to do so if you want to trade. This can often cause traders to worry constantly, which can affect their trading performance. In order to give yourself some peace of mind, you need to look for a broker that can offer you excellent security measures.

Neuer Capital is a highly secure broker, which is reassuring for crypto traders. You will discover that it follows AML and KYC rules i.e. Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer. These are some of the top security policies in the world. To protect your personal data, the broker has used 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption that immediately conceals all your information. The broker is also known to maintain customer funds in segregated accounts, so there can be no discrepancies, and they are kept with the best banks for ensuring safety.

Range of Cryptocurrencies

One of the most notable things about the crypto market is how quickly it has expanded. Only a decade ago, it was just Bitcoin in the market and now, you can find more than 6,000 coins being offered, with newer ones being introduced regularly. If you want to try out the different options, you will have to find a crypto broker that can offer these to you. It will soon become obvious that most brokers only offer a handful of options and this can be quite annoying when you wish to diversify.

This problem can be resolved with Neuer Capital, as the broker has added a range of cryptocurrencies for their clients. Not only do they offer the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, they have also expanded to add some less notable and yet potentially profitable options like NEM, Bitcoin Cash, Qtum, and others. You can choose any cryptocurrencies that you want to trade and keep your risks under control.

Easy to Use

Whether you are a new crypto trader or someone with experience in the trading market, you would prefer something easy to use. Keeping that in mind, Neuer Capital has deliberately kept things simple, when it comes to using their platform, registering with them, and creating an account. You don’t have to provide numerous documents to complete registration and neither do you have to complete uncountable steps to get it done. Instead, they ask you to fill out one form on their website and that’s it. You can choose your account, make your deposits and begin trading.

Different Account Options

No two traders are the same, but most brokers end up offering a one-size-fits-all solution that can often frustrate traders. Your trading style may be different from others and you don’t want to open an account you are not comfortable with. Even if brokers do offer choices, they are quite limited and this can hamper the trading process. To overcome this issue, Neuer Capital has chosen to add six account options on its platform.

Each of these accounts has different deposit requirements and is meant for a different class of traders. Whether you are a beginner or an expert trader, there is an account for you. Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black are the account options at your disposal. Every account has some unique features, while some of them like pro webinars, education centers, daily market reviews,s and customer support are common in all.

Robust Customer Support

To offer support, you will find that an FAQ section has been created on the broker’s website. Neuer Capital provides answers to most questions here. But, there are times when traders have questions that need unique answers. To get them, you can use the phone number or email address provided by the broker or they have also added a Contact Form on their website that can be filled out. They are responsive and will make an effort to resolve your issues promptly.

Wrapping Up

When you need a well-rounded crypto broker that prioritizes its clients, Neuer Capital can be a good option and can help you benefit from the crypto market.

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EZDSK Review: Your Go-To Platform For Trading Cryptocurrencies With Ease



The first thing you should know about online trading is that the brokerage firm plays a huge role in your success. If you carelessly pick any broker, then you should not be surprised if you don’t make an income. It can be challenging to find a broker that you can trust to provide the best service. There are many scams disguised as firms and if not, then not all trading firms are the right match for you. However, there are some firms that you cannot go wrong with.

So, if you are a new trader, I have a suggestion that may help you get started. If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, then you should check out EZDSK which is a great crypto broker.

Let’s take a look at the top features of this trading firm to see what it offers to traders.

·      Powerful Trading Platform

You have to pay close attention to the trading platform the broker offers you. EZDSK offers web-based trading with web trader. The great thing about web traders is that they are very low maintenance and do not require regular device updates. Moreover, if you are someone who wants direct access to your trading account, you can also download the apps for the trading platform on your smartphones.

The trading platform is made with cutting-edge technology and is packed with advanced tools and features that allow you to trade efficiently in the volatile crypto markets. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface as is very easy to navigate.

·      Cryptocurrency Trading

EZDSK is a crypto broker which means that it specializes in Cryptocurrency Trading. This brokerage firm provides you access to a wide range of cryptocurrency markets including the major and minor currencies. Some of these include Ethereum, Lite Coin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. The benefit of trading cryptocurrencies with EZDSK is that it allows leveraged trading which is very useful when trading cryptos.

·      Bitcoin Trading

The Bitcoin marketplace has undergone periods of high volatility ever since it was introduced in 2009. Many traders prefer trading with Bitcoin despite its volatile nature. EZDSK provides you with the tools and technology that you need for effective bitcoin trading. The broker keeps you updated with the real-time rates of Bitcoin pairs with other cryptocurrencies and provides the essential tools required to trade this volatile asset effectively. The bitcoin trading platform allows you to experience the real-time market with the right tools to make smart investment decisions.

·      Referral Bonus

This online trading firm provides you with an option to earn money even without actively trading. You can do this by joining its refer-a-friend program. You can earn an income via commissions from any user that you refer to the broker, of course via a proper system. You get a reward of $25 just for getting your friend to open a basic account with EZDSK. This value increases with the account level that your friend signs up with. Using the referral program is a great way to earn an income if you are not sure about jumping into the risky cryptocurrency trading business.

·      Great Customer Service

When you open an account with a broker, you should have the guarantee that it will be able to assist you whenever you need help. This is an important feature that many brokerage firms tend to ignore. As a new trader of cryptocurrency, there will be many instances where you will require the support of the customer support department of the firm. With EZDSK, you will be fully satisfied with the service that you get.

The customer support department of this trading firm is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. They respond to your queries and requests promptly and do the best to clear your doubts. You can contact them via their email address or their other social media platforms.


EZDSK is a leading crypto trader that has made a reputation among traders with its performance. The firm provides a completely safe trading environment to traders and innovative tools that allow them to trade effectively. If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, then you cannot go wrong with picking EZDSK.

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Global CTB Review: Jumpstart Your Online Trading Career With This Broker



Are you new to online trading and feeling frazzled by all the choices that you have to make? Well, I can assure you that it only gets easier from here. The hardest part of online trading is the first few months. You have to take your time and get settled into your role as an online trader before you can get comfortable with trading.

The first thing that you need to do is find a brokerage firm to open an account with. Now, this is actually the toughest part about starting your career as an online trader because there are so many choices. It can be confusing to decide which broker is best for you. So, if you are having trouble with finding the right broker, then I would recommend that you try Global CTB. This is a great brokerage firm and in this article, I will tell you all about it.

Top-Best Features Of Global CTB For Beginners

·      Trading Platform

The trading platform that the broker offers you should be easy to use and provide you with the essential tools to make effective investment decisions. So, you should pay close attention to the trading platform that a broker provides. Global CTB offers an intuitive trading platform in the form of a web trader developed using the MetaTrader4. What’s great about web traders is that you can access them from any device that you want. All that you have to do is enter the Global CTB website on the browser and log in to your account. It does not require you to download any extra software to your device.

·      Wide Range of Assets

Now, when you are anew trader, you don’t know how to trade with different assets. For this reason, it is important to sign up with a broker that supports a multitude of assets rather than just being focused on one particular asset. Global CTB offers you a wide range of assets to choose from. You can invest in forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, metals, oils, bonds, indices, and shares if you sign up with this broker. All of these markets have their own special features and benefits.

·      Cryptocurrency Broker

As mentioned above, Global CTB supports a wide range of tradeable assets. However, this broker is also a cryptocurrency broker which means that it offers great services and features for trading cryptocurrencies. You can invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies with this trading firm. It provides a great trading environment and tools for effective trading in the highly volatile cryptocurrency markets.

·      Account Types

Global CTB offers you with a variety of account types so that you can choose whichever investment plan that suits you the best. Since all traders come from different backgrounds and are at different levels in their careers as traders, this brokerage firm offers six different account types. Starting from the basic account which is named Bronze, it follows the tier rating of silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and VIP accounts. The initial deposit and the benefits of each of these accounts increase with upgrades to the next level.

·      Safety & Regulations

It is important for a trading firm to provide users with a safe and trustworthy trading environment. You should never trust a broker that does not prioritize its safety as online brokerage firms are often attacked by cybercriminals.

Global CTB has taken the utmost measures for security and implemented safety measures to keep the trader’s information and money safe. Furthermore, this firm is a fully regulated broker which means that all of its actions are monitored by a third-party agency. This guarantees traders the safety of their accounts, information, as well as their funds. The safe trading environment allows traders to trade with a peaceful mind.

Final Thoughts

This brokerage firm is a great pick for anyone having difficulty in deciding which broker to sign up with. It offers a wide range of assets and a user-friendly platform which allow new traders to get comfortable with online trading. You can visit the Global CTB website for more information.

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Genesis11 Review: Why This Broker Is A Great Choice For New Traders



So, you have decided to try your luck in online trading. Many people turn to online trading when they are looking for a way to earn some additional income. When done right, online trading can help you earn a substantial income. However, this comes at a price of the time that you invest in your setup. The first thing that you need to do as a trader is to find a brokerage firm that is right for you. Not all firms suit everyone and this is because all traders are different.

As a new trader, this may be a difficult task because you don’t know where to start. Being an experienced trader, I have a recommendation that I believe would have made my early days as a trader much easier. The brokerage firm that I am talking about is Genesis11. This firm provides a lot of useful features that I will be discussing in this article.

Features Of Genesis11 For New Traders

·      Algo Trading

The Genesis11 Trading Platform provides you with this futuristic trading method of Algo trading. Algorithmic trading is a way of trading with computer codes to exit and enter trades when the time is right. This feature is especially useful for new traders as they may not be able to predict the outcome of their investments. Using chart analysis and other data, Algo trading provides you with the best investment decisions. You can use this feature to trade even when you are not available yourself by setting your limits and conditions.

·      List Of Assets

Now, when you are a new trader, it is best to get exposure to all the different markets that are available for online trading. This allows you to understand how to invest in different assets as well as helps you kick start a diverse portfolio. The tradable assets that Genesis11 supports include forex, metals, indexes, energies, stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. This wide range of options is a great way to understand the different market conditions.

·      CFD Trading

CFD trading is among the best things that a broker can offer you. CFD stands for Contract for Difference where instead of purchasing an asset, you sign a contract for it with the brokerage firm. This is a great way to trade as keeps your investment capital inflow and provides you with opportunities to invest in multiple assets at a time.

Genesis11 provides you with this great feature of CFD trading. You can be involved in multiple investments at a time and keep your liquidity high simultaneously. The great thing about CFD trading is that it allows you to reach your financial goals at a faster pace. For new traders who do not have a lot of investing capital, CFD trading is a treat.

·      Trading Platform

Now, you should pay special attention to the kind of trading platform a broker is offering. This is because all your actions as a trader will be done on this platform. Genesis11 offers a great trading platform that is very easy to use and maintain. The trading platform is a web-based platform which means that it can be accessed from any device that supports an internet connection and a broker. The Genesis11 WebTrader was developed using advanced technology and is regularly updated to remove any errors or glitches to provide a seamless trading experience. It carries all the necessary tools that are required for trading effectively in different markets of ranging volatility.

·      Regulations

Genesis11 is a fully regulated brokerage firm which means that a third party constantly monitors all of its activities. A regulated firm is one that you can trust without a doubt of their legitimacy in mind. The third-party that is mounting the firm makes sure that it is not doing anything suspicious. If any doubtful acts are suspected, then the concerning authorities are immediately informed.

Final Thoughts

If you are a new trader, then you should definitely consider signing up with Genesis11. This firm offers a user-friendly platform and reliable customer support services, both of which are important for new traders.

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