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May BFG Token Grow by 100%? | The Best Ways to Earn BFG on Its Rise

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The number of BFG investors has remarkably increased due to its tokenomics update and deflationary mechanism with regular buybacks. While thousands of tokens compete for users’ attention, the BFG token has already caught your eye. How about learning more about BFG’s 100% pump, $20M Cryptodrop, and unique utilities for holders?

What’s a BFG Token?

BFG is more than just the native token of an iGaming platform; it’s the cornerstone of the high-trust BetFury ecosystem. This unique cryptocurrency continually rewards its holders with exclusive offers. The token was launched on the Binance Smart Chain network and listed on the leading exchanges. Here, you can see the actual BFG exchange rate:

BFG has low volatility and has risen by over 60% during the last month, according to CoinMarketCap statistics. Moreover, the BetFury team pays maximum attention to the growth of BFG in the market. They have locked 1B of the team’s tokens for 4.8 years in the BFG Staking Pool to show confidence in their product and token.

The Past of BFG: What Does History Tell Us?

The past always has consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to dig deeper and understand the origins of a project. BFG was created with the primary goals of platform profit sharing and providing passive earnings for its holders. Initially, users mined it by playing platform games. As the product developed, partnerships increased, providing additional utilities for the token and enhancing users’ income. In the summer of 2023, when BFG mining ended, the token became a resource with a limited supply. Monthly burnings and multiple events have contributed to the current rise in BFG’s value.

7 Main Factors Driving BFG Upwards

  • Strong Tokenomics: 100% of revenue from the BetFury gaming activity and the part from the crypto functionality is directed to the BFG token growth, while some projects allocate only 5%, which is also a strong indicator of such token success. The BFG tokenomics is fully transparent and demonstrates BFG’s financial health.
  • Rewarding Utilities for Token Holders: BFG owners can earn crypto passively from BFG Staking, the profit of which can be doubled by converting assets to stBFG. They also can trade, use BFG for gaming, and get various bonuses.
  • Decrease in Circulating Supply: in addition to monthly burnings, BetFury constantly conducts BFG buybacks. All tokens bought back from the market go to burning and treasury funds. This process helps to reduce the BFG circulation supply.
  • Reliable Team: BetFury has implemented a transparent system with public contracts and directs all revenue streams to token development and passive rewards for holders. For instance, 500M BFG owned by the team is allocated for community activities and events. Over 133M BFG is allocated to stimulate demand for the token through marketing initiatives and collaborations.
  • Trusted Platform: the BetFury platform has been developing in the industry for over four years. As a result, it has more than 2.3M of the global community worldwide, $7.6M total wager, $48.9M bonuses paid, and over $122.5M of crypto staking payouts. In addition to CertiK, it has obtained approval from Curaçao and other licenses.
  • Market Sentiment: BFG picks up the bullish influence of the market and sometimes grows even when Bitcoin falls.
  • Strong Community Engagement: BFG has over 67K holders, $95K Trading Volume, and more than 2.2M total transfers.

BFG Price Prediction for 2024-2033 | Technical Analysis 

According to the Cryptopolitan forecast, the average BFG trading price in 2024 will be $0.029 per token. At the same time, it may reach a peak of $0.038. Based on historical cycles and the above facts, the trust resource also determined possible BFG prices for 2025-2033:

  • 2025: $0.03 – $0.04;
  • 2026: $0.04 – $0.05;
  • 2027: $0.06 – $0.08;
  • 2028: $0.10 – $0.11.

For subsequent years, Cryptopolitan determined a constant increase in the BFG to a value of $0.42 in 2033. Thus, a 100% growth in BFG is more than possible.

Best Ways to Earn BFG | Have you Heard of a $20M BFG Cryptodrop?

  • BFG Staking: having only 100 BFG on balance, users can passively gain more BFG or payments in five top-tier currencies: BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, and TRX. If you convert BFG to stBFG, your BFG Staking APY will be doubled.
  • BFG Events: BetFury holds many events with prize pools in BFG. Most recently, the platform launched a $20M Cryptodrop. It has been launched via a Telegram bot and has various activities similar to other Telegram tapping apps. During the Cryptodrop, you can earn real and valuable crypto and collect points to share the great BFG reward in Q3-Q4, 2024.
  • Trading: exchange BFG using the BetFury CryptoSwap feature and trade the token on top exchanges like Biswap and PancakeSwap.
  • Wallets & Analytic Platforms: follow the BFG price forecasts, search for trading signals, and store assets in well-known wallets and dashboards like CoinGecko.
  • Gaming & Sports Betting: play over 8,000 slots and 20 Original games and bet on over 80 popular sports markets directly on BetFury.
  • BFG Bonuses: get up to 25% Cashback and profit from other platform bonuses.
  • NFT Lootboxes: open beneficial Lootboxes to get BFG and win blue-chip NFTs.


BFG is a valuable asset for investors and crypto enthusiasts of any level. Considering the above facts, it may increase by 100% or more. The token’s strong tokenomics, limited supply, and strategic partnerships contribute to its potential for significant growth. Additionally, the active community and ongoing developments within the BetFury ecosystem ensure continued interest and support for BFG. By staying informed and making well-researched decisions, you can confidently navigate the opportunities that BFG presents. Join the $20,000,000 Cryptodrop to earn more BFG tokens and use this valuable asset to grow as an experienced crypto owner.

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Avalanche (AVAX) Chain Turns a Corner: Promising Projects and Opportunities to Watch

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Avalanche Blockchain Announces Major Initiative and Highlights Emerging Projects

Avalanche, the high-performance blockchain platform, is making significant strides with its latest initiative, “Avalanche Vista.” The Avalanche Foundation has launched this $50 million program to promote tokenization on the Avalanche blockchain. Tokenization enables off-chain assets to be converted into digital tokens, simplifying transactions and democratizing asset allocation. This groundbreaking approach allows multiple investors to collectively invest in single assets, making certain markets more accessible to smaller investors.

Potential use cases for tokenization on Avalanche’s blockchain include real estate, company equity, venture capital, debt instruments, intellectual property, and portfolio diversification. The Avalanche Vista fund will be used to purchase various tokenized assets on the Avalanche blockchain, showcasing the platform’s versatility and commitment to innovation.

As Avalanche gains momentum, several emerging projects on the AVAX chain deserve attention. Among them are $KIMBO, $COQ, and $TD, each offering unique opportunities and potential for growth.

1. Kimbo Labs ($KIMBO)

Kimbo Labs has officially launched as a business entity, allowing it to partner with real-world businesses and launch Kimbo products through its own webshop. This development adds significant value to the project and its treasury.

Exchange Listings: Kimbo Labs is in deep discussions with several exchanges, awaiting better market conditions to roll out its listings.

Marketing Efforts: The project has launched test ads on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, targeting new audiences. Additionally, Kimbo Labs is creating organic content and planning a major meme contest to boost engagement.

Event Participation: Kimbo Labs plans to join several festivals in Q3 and Q4 2024 and will participate in the AVAX Summit in Buenos Aires in October 2024.

Kimbonet Development: The team is working on exciting new features for Kimbonet and is open to collaboration with top holders and knowledgeable community members.

NFT Staking: Soon, Kimbo NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs for benefits, with new collaborations in the pipeline.

2. Coq Inu ($COQ)

Coq Inu is a humorous and innovative meme coin that has captured the Avalanche community’s attention. Launched with a transparent and community-focused approach, Coq Inu’s contract has been fully renounced, and its liquidity burned to ensure transparency and prevent manipulation.

Community Engagement: Coq Inu seeks to entertain and engage the Avalanche community through its unique and playful concept.

Rapid Growth: Since its launch in December 2023, Coq Inu experienced a meteoric rise, drawing significant trading volume and interest from meme coin enthusiasts.

CoqBook: The premier sports betting platform powered by $COQ has recently been released, adding a new dimension to the Coq Inu ecosystem and attracting further attention.

3. Big Red ($TD)

Big Red is an ambitious project integrating Cornell University’s heritage with modern blockchain technology on the AVAX blockchain. This project leverages the strengths of both Cornell University and AVAX to deliver a range of utilities and opportunities for its community.

Cornell University Collaboration: Big Red partners with Cornell’s renowned entrepreneurship program, offering valuable resources and networking opportunities.

Meadowlands Sports Complex Sponsorship: As a proud sponsor, Big Red enhances its brand visibility and connects with a broad audience through daily commercials at the largest sports complex in the United States.

National Branding Efforts: Big Red has partnered with major television networks to air advertisements, significantly boosting visibility and engagement across the nation.

These projects exemplify the innovative spirit and potential of the Avalanche blockchain. With initiatives like Avalanche Vista and the continued development of promising projects like $KIMBO, $COQ, and $TD, the future of Avalanche looks brighter than ever.

For more information on Avalanche and its latest developments, please visit

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Hashdex Unveils Innovative Dual Crypto ETF Targeting Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Hashdex Unveils Innovative Dual Crypto ETF Targeting Bitcoin and Ethereum

In a strategic move to capitalize on the growing interest in cryptocurrency investments, Hashdex has announced its plan to launch a new Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index US ETF, which will track both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

On Tuesday, Nasdaq published the 19b-4 application for this groundbreaking ETF, marking a significant development in the crypto investment landscape. Unlike traditional ETFs that focus on a single cryptocurrency, Hashdex’s new offering aims to provide exposure to the two largest digital assets by market capitalization simultaneously.

The decision comes shortly after the SEC’s approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs earlier this year and amidst ongoing evaluations of various 19b-4 applications for Ethereum Spot ETFs in May. This move positions Hashdex uniquely in the market, allowing investors to benefit from the potential of both BTC and ETH in a single investment vehicle.

Bloomberg expert Seyffart weighed in on the announcement, noting that a dual BTC and ETH ETF from Hashdex, weighted by market capitalization, is a logical progression in the evolving ETF landscape. While Hashdex opted not to pursue an Ethereum Spot ETF application alongside other major issuers, their focus on a hybrid ETF underscores their commitment to innovation and strategic diversification.

According to the application, the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index US ETF will include cash holdings but refrain from incorporating additional cryptocurrencies. If approved, custodianship will be entrusted to industry leaders Coinbase and BitGo, with the SEC’s final decision expected by March 2025.

This initiative marks a significant milestone as the first US spot ETF application encompassing more than one cryptocurrency. Current plans allocate approximately 74% of the ETF’s portfolio to Bitcoin and 26% to Ethereum, reflecting the respective market capitalizations of these digital assets.

While similar investment products are already available in Europe, such as Bitpanda’s Bitpanda Crypto Index 5/10/25, which tracks the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, Hashdex’s dual crypto ETF aims to provide US investors with a novel opportunity to diversify their crypto holdings within a regulated framework.

In summary, Hashdex’s innovative approach to launching a dual BTC and ETH ETF underscores the increasing integration of cryptocurrencies into traditional financial markets. As regulatory approvals progress, this ETF could pave the way for broader acceptance and adoption of digital assets among institutional and retail investors alike.

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Ethereum Name Service (ENS): Riding High on Recent Innovations

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Ethereum Name Service (ENS): Riding High on Recent Innovations

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has emerged as a standout performer among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, thanks to recent advancements and a significant price surge.

ENS Price Surge and Innovations

In the past 24 hours alone, the price of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has surged by 17%, marking it as one of the top performers in the altcoin market. This growth is part of a broader trend that has seen ENS rise by an impressive 29% over the past week, alongside other notable cryptocurrencies like Lido.

Multichain Expansion and Product Updates

One of the key drivers behind ENS’s recent price surge is its expansion beyond the Ethereum network. Previously limited to Ethereum-based addresses (.eth), ENS now allows users to link their addresses to public keys on other blockchains such as Bitcoin and Solana. This multichain capability has significantly enhanced the utility and interoperability of ENS, attracting increased interest from investors and users alike.

Future Plans and Community Governance

Looking ahead, ENS is poised to expand further by integrating with Ethereum Layer 2 networks, a move currently under consideration through a community vote in the ENS-DAO. This strategic initiative aims to leverage Layer 2 scalability solutions to enhance transaction speed and reduce costs, thereby improving overall user experience and adoption.

Technical Analysis and Price Targets

At its current price of $26.57, ENS is trading near its annual highs, reflecting strong bullish momentum. Analysts anticipate a potential breakout above key resistance levels, particularly the $27.42 to $28.94 range. A sustained move above these levels could propel ENS towards new annual highs above $30.50, with further upside potential towards the $38.34 to $41.78 range in the medium term.

Chart Technical Outlook

Chart analysts highlight the importance of overcoming resistance levels, particularly the critical hurdle at the December 2021 high. Successful breaches of these levels could pave the way for ENS to target higher price zones, potentially reaching levels around the Golden Pocket at $54.22 and beyond.

Market Sentiment and Strategic Positioning

The recent performance of ENS underscores its appeal as a strategic bet on Ethereum’s ecosystem growth. As Ethereum explores new market opportunities, including the potential introduction of spot ETFs, ENS stands to benefit from increased adoption and investor confidence in blockchain innovations.


With its recent price surge and strategic innovations, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) continues to demonstrate its potential as a leading player in blockchain-based naming services. As it expands across multiple blockchains and enhances its technical capabilities, ENS remains well-positioned to capitalize on the evolving landscape of decentralized applications and digital asset management. Investors and enthusiasts alike are closely watching ENS as it navigates towards new milestones and broader market acceptance in the coming months.

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