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Why is Zebi stack, a Cosmos Fork, used for the Cricket Foundation platform?

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Introducing the powers of NFTs to the world of cricket, Cricket Foundation has unlocked doors to numerous possibilities. 

Being the world’s first exclusive marketplace for this sport, Cricket Foundation provides a platform where fans can enjoy a sense of belongingness with their favourite players by directly owning an asset listed by the player. For the players, it presents a unique opportunity to monetize their assets, get a broader market, and connect with their fans beyond just materialistic interactions. 

But catering to a sport that is broadly facing emerging markets has three primary challenges : 1. Cost : Solutions need to be able to be cater to the largest section of the users, starting even a sub cent transactions, and lower cost of delivery, 2. Complexity: challenges in emerging markets and edge use cases are multiple and 3. Scale: imaging building a platform to support a billion users. This is where Zebi’s expertise in building and managing solutions focused on emerging markets will be of extensive value.. 

How does Zebi’s Cricket Foundation achieve this?

It all lies in the technicalities. 

Starting with the basics, players can come to Cricket Foundation and list their assets. All they have to do is enter specific characteristics of their asset along with an image or video, or audio. This data will get stored in the immutable ledger of the Blockchain technology in a specific format. This format will allow the asset to exist in the digital space uniquely. 

Furthermore, tokens represent the asset stored on the blockchain. These tokens are called Non-fungible tokens. 

The said tokens are not interchangeable, given their unique assets. They carry the same value as held by the asset in real life. Therefore, anyone who owns these tokens in the digital space owns the asset in real life. 

Proof of ownership exists from the get-go, given the asset’s presence on the blockchain, making asset verification quick and easy. As a result, the asset carries credibility and authenticity as long as the blockchain exists. 

Cricket’s NFT marketplace has an unparalleled advantage in the space for a deeper technical analysis. 

For instance, rather than using an existing, congested, and non-scalable Blockchain platform, Zebi leverages its Blockchain stack to build the underlying Blockchain for the Cricket Foundation. As a result, the application can achieve more scalability, throughput, decentralization, reliability, and security. 

What this means is that Cric token is built as its own a Layer 1 solution with several applications built on top of it. This can also connect with other Layer 1 platforms via IBC, or Inter Blockchain Communication. 

The core concept of Zebi is forked from the Cosmos architecture. Cosmos, also known as the Internet of Blockchains, is a platform that facilitates cross-chain interoperability. It is Byzantine fault tolerant, and built on a Proof of Stake consensus, amongst other things.

Therefore, Cricket Foundation has its Blockchain platform in a sense. If a user visits the Cricket Foundation explorer, they can see information like:

  1. The latest block formed on the Cricket Foundation’s Blockchain network
  2. How many transactions are complete till a specific point in time
  3. How many assets get staked on the platform
  4. Total number of validators
  5. Inflation Rates

Cric has its own nodes and validators, which allows the whole network to work more efficiently.  With such information made available aboveboard, Zebi’s Cricket Foundation creates a transparent community-owned ecosystem. 

Zebi allows the community members, including players, fans, clubs, franchises, boards, agencies, equipment manufacturers, and game developers, to have a critical role in the platform’s decision-making. 


At its core, the use of Cosmos architecture allows Zebi to create a highly modular platform without privacy trade-offs. This means that even if two Blockchains are connected through the Zebi stack, their sovereignty is maintained. 

Furthermore, the development and integration of these platforms become relatively easy, allowing the whole network to be more efficient. 

Therefore, Cricket Foundation is not just another Blockchain-based NFT marketplace but also a more extensive ecosystem. The future of such an architecture holds the possibility of numerous collaborations, which gives Cricket Foundation the potential to become the future of the digital ecosystem for cricket. 

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Press Release

Memecoin Madness: Eddie Seal Team Insults Investors and Returns Money from Presale

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Two weeks ago, the Eddie Seal memecoin project ($EDSE) began raising funds for development through a presale event. On Wednesday, a controversial post appeared on the project’s Twitter, where the team labeled the presale investors as ‘morons’.

“You morons. You invest in a presale of a new memecoin and then cry when someone runs off with the money. Get a grip and be careful because 99% of presales are scams. We have returned all the payments to the wallets from which they were sent. Eddie will proceed without a presale!” reads the tweet from Eddie Seal profile.

This incident is quite unusual, given market norms. Memecoins are not financial instruments, hence funds raised through presales are not regulated in any way. It is unprecedented for a project team to refund all investments made by individuals.

The refund might have been an attempt by the Eddie Seal team to build credibility within the crypto community, especially as Eddie Seal has announced six marketing rounds aimed at reaching a $1 billion marketcap. The campaign will culminate in an Eddie Seal cartoon, in the style of Rick and Morty or Family Guy. The six marketing rounds include sponsoring a Formula 1 team, a Harry Styles (or another top tier star) concert at Wembley with tickets for $1EDSE, a ‘spending money competition’ with 10,000 credit cards linked to one account, and a $3 million donation to MrBeast for spending in one of his videos.

It was also announced that the team plans to distribute part of the $EDSE tokens to the community gathered around the project in the form of an AirDrop. Sign-ups are expected to start soon.

The price of the $EDSE token in the coming days will reveal how the market has reacted. The token contract address for price tracking is available at or listed here: 2Zvo6bnwJtyXhsPgbcfajTrEtB7NwrJhK8mMmtEXvHHc

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Press Release

WEMADE and WEMIX Win “Best Web3 Gaming” at MENA Games Industry Awards 2024

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WEMADE and WEMIX were honored with the prestigious “BEST WEB3 GAMING ” award at the MENA Games Industry Awards 2024. The awards celebrate the best of the region’s thriving gaming sector, and as the sole web3-focused award, the “BEST WEB3 GAMING” category spotlights companies championing the integration of web3 technologies into gaming.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award. It validates Wemade’s commitment to fostering growth and collaboration within the global web3 gaming landscape,” Wemade said in a statement. “This award motivates us to continue empowering developers and driving innovation in game design & development.

Wemade would like to congratulate all of the finalists and winners at this year’s MENA Games Industry Awards. Their dedication and passion for innovation are shaping the future of gaming.

About Wemade

Wemade is at the forefront of the next wave of Web3 game developers that are innovating with blockchain technology. Based on the WEMIX3.0 mainnet, the WEMIX PLAY blockchain game platform is the world’s biggest with millions of users and a wide range of game genres from card, puzzle, simulation and strategy games; to first-person shooters, battle royale, MOBA, MMORPG, SNG, sports games and more. Visit for more information. 

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Press Release

Metarise: Unveiling the Future of Metaverse Interaction on M20Chain

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Metarise is forging new paths in the metaverse landscape, building an immersive digital universe that blends high-quality, low-poly graphics with the robust capabilities of the M20 Chain blockchain, all powered by Unreal Engine. This innovative platform merges reality with virtual spaces to create an interactive environment where users can live, work, and play.

Vibrant Digital Ecosystems: Cityland and Funland 

At the heart of Metarise lies Cityland, the bustling urban core that serves as the central hub for commerce, art, and social interaction. With its vibrant streets lined with shops, showrooms, galleries, and more, Cityland is where creativity meets community. Not far from the urban excitement is Funland, a sanctuary of joy and entertainment, offering a retreat where users can engage in games, sports, and various leisure activities. Both these areas are anchored by the iconic Metarise Tower, a towering structure that stands as a testament to the possibilities of virtual architecture and the central node from which all activity in Metarise radiates.

The Role of Riser Token in Metarise 

The pulse of this digital universe is the Riser Token ($RIS), a metaverse utility token that facilitates not only commerce but also enables a variety of interactions and transactions within the Metarise ecosystem. From purchasing virtual land to trading goods and accessing exclusive services, the Riser Token is essential for navigating and leveraging the full potential of Metarise.

Empowering Users and Businesses 

Metarise is more than just a virtual space; it is a versatile platform designed to accommodate the diverse needs of individuals and businesses alike. Users can escape the monotony of traditional digital interactions and immerse themselves in a vibrant 3D environment that offers an enriched form of social connectivity. For businesses, Metarise provides a range of tools and spaces for virtual offices, allowing companies to maintain operations, host conferences, and interact with clients without geographical constraints.

Innovative Real Estate and Investment Opportunities 

One of the standout features of Metarise is its approach to virtual real estate. Through its Initial Land Offering (ILO), users have the opportunity to invest in virtual land, represented as unique NFTs on the M20 blockchain. This allows for the development of personalized real estate projects, from digital offices and private properties to commercial spaces, which can be further monetized through rentals or providing specialized services.

MetaRise is excited to announce the opening of our Initial Land Offering (ILO), a unique opportunity for early adopters to participate in the early stages of our expansive metaverse. This early phase of development offers potential for growth as the platform evolves, though it’s important to remember that all investments carry inherent risks and returns are not guaranteed. As you consider joining us in shaping the future of MetaRise, we encourage you to make informed decisions.

A Hub for Brands and Creators 

Metarise serves as a dynamic marketing tool for brands looking to enhance their identity and user engagement through immersive experiences. It’s a platform where brands can interact with their audience in meaningful ways, leveraging the unique capabilities of virtual reality, augmented reality, and AI to deliver memorable brand experiences.

Conclusion: The Future of Digital Connectivity 

Metarise envisions a world where digital and physical realities converge to create a seamless universe of endless possibilities. It’s not just about creating a space for users to interact; it’s about redefining the essence of community and connectivity. As Metarise continues to expand and evolve, it invites users from all corners of the globe to explore its myriad offerings, engage with its vibrant community, and contribute to the ever-growing expanse of this digital frontier.

Discover Metarise and step into a world where your digital life transcends boundaries, offering new ways to interact, explore, and impact the world around you. Join us on this journey to redefine the future of the metaverse.

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