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The Diverse Earning Opportunities For Investors On DeFi Yield Protocol

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DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) is a unique project that boosts the earning capacity of all liquidity providers (LPs). The protocol eliminates DeFi and yield farming risks by integrating an earning model that rewards investors directly in Ethereum rather than native tokens. 

This model protects users from the volatility of DeFi tokens while also preventing whales from manipulating token prices via its anti-manipulation feature.

DYP currently boasts $68M in total value locked (TVL) and has so far paid 3,268.81 ETH ($5,909,691) to the LPs on the platform since launch in Q3 of 2020. 

Investors on the protocol can provide liquidity and earn rewards without fear of manipulation due to the anti-manipulation feature that guarantees the stability of the staking pool’s rewards. Here is a look at the diverse opportunities to earn with DYP. 

Earn Rewards with the DYP Staking Protocol

DYP has launched its staking protocol that supports DYP/USDT, DYP/WBTC, DYP/USDC, and DYP/ETH pools. DeFi investors can join any of the available pools and earn ETH rewards via smart contracts and Metamask wallet.

Each staking pool pair offers users lucrative rewards ranging from 30,000 DYP to 100,000. The amount of rewards earned will depend on the pool’s lock duration (3, 30, 60, 90, and 120 days), with users who lock their funds for longer periods getting higher rewards.

The use of audited smart contracts on the various staking pools eliminates human intervention in reward distribution, creating an unmatched hub for decentralized revenue-generation. 

Smart contract protocols also serve as the anti-manipulation feature for each pool; they automatically convert DYP rewards into ETH each day at 00:00 UTC and disburse rewards directly to pool participants. 

This feature protects the ecosystem from whales’ manipulation, resulting in price stability and enhanced security for all stakers. It also maintains the staking pool’s rewards stability via deflationary options.  

DYP’s Yield Farming Application 

The DYP platform has rolled out its yield farming dApp that is listed on Uniswap and Bithumb Global. The Uniswap listing enables investors to earn passive income by depositing their DYP tokens on any supported DYP staking pools. The dApp has already seen over $1M staked by DeFi investors since its launch. 

DYP’s decentralized application has four distinct staking options and offers rewards starting from 20% APR up to 35% APR, depending on the smart contract’s lock time (a minimum of 30 days up to 120 days).

Investors will soon be able to increase their earnings by re-staking their rewards daily to the pools at zero fees. The DYP team is also looking to create multiple liquidity lockers that offer varying unlock times and support for other vesting lockers for Uniswap liquidity.

Moreover, the protocol has introduced the DYP referral system that allows users to boost their earnings by inviting their friends to use the DYP token. For every successful referral, the user earns 5% of their friends’ token rewards sent straight to their wallets.

Fixed Earning Revenues from ETH Mining Pool

DYP is always looking to increase opportunities for DeFi investors to earn impressive rewards. To this end, the project plans to launch its ETH mining pool in Q1 of 2021. Each ETH miner address will be able to interact with the protocol’s smart contract via the project’s utility token (DYP token). 

Participants will earn rewards monthly with a 10% bonus from the total ETH income earned by the pool. Miners will be able to claim their monthly DYP tokens by joining the zero-fee Ethereum mining pool, which means they will earn more ETH each month.

The decentralized finance protocol plans to distribute five million DYP to attract around 200,000 miners to the pool. 

Get More Rewards With the DYP Earn Vault 

The DYP earn vault is also set to roll out in Q1 of this year, offering users an automated yield farming protocol that allows them to earn lucrative rewards. 

The new product enables investors to deposit supported tokens (ETH, WBTC, USDC, USDT, and DAI), for which the farming contract automatically moves LP’s funds among the most profitable platforms.

The DYP earn vault will allocate 75% of the returns to the LPs, while the remaining 25% of profits will be used to buyback DYP tokens to increase liquidity and maintain token price stability. 

Participants in the ETH mining pool will also be allowed to automatically provide liquidity to participating pools and earn more ETH with the DYP earn vault. Overall, these features make DYP one of the top DeFi projects in 2021.

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Press Release

Limoverse’s Vision for Web3: Token Burn, Roadmap, and Leading the Wellness Frontier

Crypto Chain Wire



In an electrifying move in an otherwise quiet crypto market, Limoverse successfully completed its much-anticipated Token Burn Event! 

The buzz surrounding this event is palpable, and for good reason. It all starts with Limoverse’s unwavering commitment to transparency and its thriving community. Limoverse places its community at the core of its mission, emphasizing transparency, empowerment, and token appreciation for its dedicated users and token holders.

But what exactly is a token burn, and why is it generating such excitement? The answers to these questions are pivotal to understanding the magnitude of this event. Token burns are akin to enchantments in the realm of cryptocurrency. When tokens are subjected to a burn, they are permanently removed from circulation. This action not only diminishes the overall token supply but also heightens its scarcity, elevating the value of each remaining token. 

Limoverse is taking token burns to the next level by introducing a pioneering algorithm that links token burns to real-world achievements. For every kilometer run and every calorie burned within the Limoverse app, an equivalent quantity of Limoverse tokens will be incinerated. Yes, you read that correctly! As users stay active and embrace a healthier lifestyle, the token supply shrinks, thereby augmenting the value of Limoverse tokens. This innovative approach ensures that your journey to improved health and fitness also translates into the growth of your investment. A true win-win!

$LIMO Tokens have a total supply of 10 Billion tokens and the burn event saw 86,494,575 LIMO tokens being burnt and taken out of supply.

Limoverse’s commitment extends even further. “We are delighted to declare that all unredeemed rewards from our HealthFi Rewards Pool have also been subjected to a burn. This strategic move firmly underscores our dedication to forging a sustainable token economy, guaranteeing that each Limoverse token serves its utmost purpose” says Sajeev Nair, founder and chairman of Limoverse.

Talking about what the future holds for Limoverse, he further added. “Shortly, we are set to launch our most awaited projects: ModiFi and CreatFi, which will solidify our position as the most comprehensive health and wellness ecosystem in the web3 world. ModiFi is designed to empower users to flourish in all dimensions of wellness, from physical and mental health to spiritual well-being. The core focus lies in uniting top-tier wellness practitioners with advanced health tracking and AI capabilities, enabling users to take charge of their holistic wellness journey like never before.

Through self-paced courses and personal coaching, CreatFi will offer a gateway to personal growth and holistic well-being, cementing Limoverse’s reputation as a leader in the Health and Wellness space.

About Limoverse

With a vision to become the largest digital health economy in the world, Limoverse’s LIMO tokens are currently trading on Poloniex, Bitmart, and Pancakeswap exchanges. As the token expands its presence, Limoverse continues to break new ground in the health and wellness industry, leveraging Web 3 technology to empower individuals and communities alike.

Currently, the Limoverse ecosystem provides users with the option of earning rewards when they walk, jog or run and also when they burn calories thus keeping them motivated and incentivized to stay healthy through the HealthFi program. 

You can download the Limoverse App from both Google Play and App Store. Be sure to visit the official website and join our Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram to stay updated with all the latest news and developments.

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Press Release

Wemade launches Drops NFT auction service on WEMIX PLAY 

Crypto Chain Wire



  • Game NFTs and special NFTs will be available through English Auction on Drops 
  • NFT auctions for new games Melting Earth, Ballies and Yield KingZ, will be held sequentially until Thursday, October 12th

Leading South Korean game developer Wemade today launched the new Drops NFT auction service on its WEMIX PLAY global blockchain gaming platform. 

Drops will auction off game NFTs and special NFTs minted by various games available on WEMIX PLAY. Players can use WEMIX$ to participate in the auctions which uses the same English auction method as the WEMIX3.0-based DAO & NFT platform NILE (the highest bid is determined as the final winning price). 

To commemorate the launch of Drops, NFT auctions for three new games – Melting Earth, Ballies and Yield KingZ – will be held sequentially until Thursday, October 12th.

Melting Earth is a Metaverse real estate game to restore polluted earth and become the owner of new land; Ballies is an original strategy card game that combines basketball and fantasy elements into a new experience; and Yield KingZ is a Social Casino Game-Fi leveraging benefits of WEB 3.0 based on blockchain.

WEMIX PLAY is the top global blockchain gaming platform with more than 9 million cumulative users. It offers everything from card, puzzle, simulation and strategy games; to first-person shooters, battle royale, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG); to casual, social networking (SNG) and sports games. 

For more information about the NFT auction service Drops and WEMIX PLAY:


A renowned industry leader in game development with over 20 years of experience, Korea-based WEMADE is leading a once-in-a-generation shift as the gaming industry pivots to blockchain technology. Through its WEMIX subsidiary, WEMADE aims to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology by building an experience-based, platform-driven, and service-oriented mega-ecosystem to offer a wide spectrum of intuitive, convenient, and easy-to-use Web3 services. Visit for more information.

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Press Release

Chooky Becomes Official Racing Sponsor of Meadowlands Sports Complex

Crypto Chain Wire



Chooky, the pioneering cryptocurrency platform, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership as the Official Racing Sponsor of the Meadowlands Sports Complex. This historic collaboration cements Chooky’s position as the very first cryptocurrency to sponsor this iconic sports and entertainment venue, ushering in a new era of crypto adoption and engagement.

Meadowlands Sports Complex: Nestled in East Rutherford, Bergen County, New Jersey, the Meadowlands Sports Complex is a renowned sports and entertainment destination, overseen by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA). The expansive complex encompasses several world-class facilities, including:

MetLife Stadium: The hallowed ground of the New York Giants and New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

Meadowlands Racetrack: A prestigious harness racing circuit renowned for hosting the annual Hambletonian Stakes.

Quest Diagnostics Training Center: The dedicated practice facility for the New York Giants.

American Dream: An innovative retail and entertainment destination, housing the Metropolitan Riveters of the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF).

Meadowlands Arena: A storied venue, once home to the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League (NHL), Seton Hall University’s men’s basketball team, and the now-Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Additionally, the Meadowlands Sports Complex proudly houses the largest sportsbook in the world – FanDuel Sports.

Chooky’s status as the Official Racing Sponsor of the Meadowlands Sports Complex marks a significant milestone in the world of sports sponsorship and cryptocurrency. As part of this historic partnership, Chooky will be prominently featured in commercials during the complex’s live stream, which boasts a daily viewership of millions of users. This presents a unique opportunity to connect with sports enthusiasts and crypto advocates alike. The first commercial of Chooky is set to air on September 30. 

But that’s not all. Chooky’s presence will be felt even more tangibly as a full-page advertisement graces all racing forms and Meadowlands media. This means that every visitor to the Meadowlands, whether drawn by the allure of horse racing or other electrifying entertainment, will be greeted by the captivating $CHOO ad. It’s an invitation to explore the world of Chooky, offering an enticing way to invest and be part of this vibrant cryptocurrency community.

In celebration of this monumental partnership, the Meadowlands Racetrack will host the “Chooky Inu – $CHOO” race on September 30, 2023. Following the race, an official presentation honoring Chooky will be held in the winner’s circle, marking the beginning of an exciting journey together.

Papi, CEO of Chooky, enthusiastically remarked, “This sponsorship of the Meadowlands Sports Complex is groundbreaking for the simple fact that we are the first and only crypto sponsor of theirs. We believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies to reshape industries, and this partnership exemplifies our commitment to innovation and community engagement.”

This sponsorship marks the beginning of Chooky’s comprehensive web2 marketing plan, with more exciting initiatives and engagement opportunities on the horizon. Stay tuned as Chooky’s journey with the Meadowlands Sports Complex unfolds, promising a fusion of sports, entertainment, and cryptocurrency like never before.

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