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Press Release Announces Exclusive IEO Partnership with Koinpark for the Launch of MOZ Coin: Pioneering Real-Time Metaversal Connectivity




MOZ Coin (MOZC) just dropped its IEO on Koinpark, and is shaking the metaverse to its core! This is one of the greatest chances to join the crew building the future where online and offline worlds collide. Early adopters are welcomed!

Statements from the Dynamic Duo – Koinpark and


“Finding the right partner for our token launch wasn’t just about technology, it was about finding someone who understood our heart and soul. Koinpark became more than just a launchpad; they became collaborators, strategists, and cheerleaders. Together, we crafted a launch that not only met our goals, but exceeded them in every way, says Donald Lee”

From Koinpark 

“The first meeting with the MOZC team was electric. Their ideas crackled with energy, and their passion was infectious. We knew then that Koinpark would be more than just a platform, we would be champions for their cause. Seeing MOZC’s IEO flourish was incredibly rewarding, a acclamation to the transformative power of collaboration and tireless belief, says D.Thangapandi”

A Glimpse into MOZC

Born from the vision of the TELEBUCKS community, MOZC (Metaverse Onlife Zone Coin) emerged as a BEP20 token blazing a trail through the Binance Smart Chain. 

This pioneering project aims to bridge the chasm between the digital and physical worlds, creating a seamless Metaverse Onlife Zone (MOZ) where virtual experiences bleed into tangible realities.

Fueled by community spirit and innovative tech, MOZC empowers immersive adventures that transcend screens. 

Picture a landscape where individuals can attend digital concerts with real-world merchandise arriving at their doorstep or collaborate effortlessly with global teams—all from the comfort of one’s home. MOZC unfolds a future powered by the resilient BSC network and the collective spirit of TELEBUCKS, offering possibilities for seamless and inclusive digital experiences.

BEP20 Token Characteristics

BEP20 tokens, residing on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, encompass a set of distinctive features that contribute to their widespread adoption across diverse applications:

  1. Interoperability: BEP20 tokens seamlessly integrate with various Binance Smart Chain applications and wallets, facilitating effortless transfer and trading. Additionally, they can be interconnected with other blockchains through cross-chain protocols, enhancing their versatility.
  2. Efficient and Cost-Effective Transactions: Leveraging the BSC’s superior transaction speeds and cost efficiency in comparison to Ethereum, BEP20 tokens emerge as an optimal choice for high-volume applications, including decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming.
  3. Robust Security: Inheriting the security protocols of the Binance Smart Chain, BEP20 tokens rely on the Proof of Stake Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism. This ensures a high level of trust and reliability in transactions.
  4. Versatility: BEP20 tokens offer flexibility with customizable functionalities, catering to a broad spectrum of applications, such as stablecoins pegged to real-world assets, utility tokens for ecosystem services, security tokens representing ownership, and unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  5. Vibrant and Engaged Community: Supported by a sizable and active community of developers and users within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, BEP20 tokens benefit from extensive support and opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Crisp MOZC Details

  • Token Name: MOZ Coin 
  • Ticker: MOZC
  • Total IEO Supply: 2 Million 
  • Token Network: BEP20
  • Built on: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Smart Contract Address: 0x1611C435689fffC05E9EeE997759Fb1a80290f80

MOZ Coin’s Mission

MOZ is dedicated to simplifying instantaneous communication among diverse virtual spaces, revolutionizing online interactions. 

The Key Attributes of MOZ Coin (MOZC)

  1. Real-Time Metaversal Connectivity: MOZ Coin empowers seamless global interactions, fostering uninterrupted communication.
  2. Decentralized Operating System: With a hybrid blockchain architecture, MOZ Coin establishes a decentralized operating system, minimizing disruptions within the metaverse.
  3. BEP20 Token Standard: MOZ Coin adheres to the BEP20 standard, ensuring compatibility across multiple platforms and wallets for enhanced user accessibility.
  4. Precision in Virtual Synchronization: Setting new benchmarks for accuracy in the digital realm, MOZ Coin introduces precision in virtual synchronization.
  5. Air-Drop Rewards System: Encouraging active user participation and contributions, MOZ Coin incorporates an air-drop rewards system.
  6. Global Standard Metaverse Meta-Platform: MOZ Coin actively contributes to the development of a universally recognized metaverse meta-platform.
  7. Dynamic Revenue Distribution: A progressive revenue distribution model guarantees equitable allocation to stakeholders, nurturing collaborative growth.
  8. Community Governance: MOZ Token Holders actively participate in decision-making, establishing a decentralized and community-driven governance structure.

IEO Specifics

  • Started on: 26.12.2023 
  • Ends on: 08.01.2024

The MOZC Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) commenced on December 26, 2023, and is set to conclude on January 8, 2024.

How to Join?

  • Interested Investors and other individuals can buy MOZC by visiting Koinpark website.
  • Purchase MOZC:
  • Under the “Live” tab, users can find MOZC details.

Entire Token Allotment

Our commitment to transparency is reflected in the allocation of 2 million MOZ Coin (MOZC) tokens for a fair launch. To ensure equity, a total of 2,000,000 MOZC will be available during the MOZC IEO hosted on Koinpark. 

For comprehensive details and the complete token allocation plan, at:

Beyond Borders: Embracing the Boundless Metaverse with MOZC

At, we’re not building walls in the metaverse, we’re tearing them down. MOZC is our bridge, connecting cultures and experiences across the globe. It’s like vibrant communities, instantly accessible in real-time, anywhere, for anyone. Geographical borders become a distant memory, replaced by genuine and meaningful virtual interactions as vivid as those in the physical world.

Building a Borderless Future:

MOZC’s ambitions don’t stop at breaking down barriers. We’re also focused on:

  • Fostering Connections, Not Clashes: Imagine seamless conversations between cultures, where understanding and appreciation replace friction and division. MOZC fosters a space for mutual learning and shared experiences, enriching the human tapestry of the metaverse.
  • Decentralized Dawn: Forget top-down control. MOZC champions a user-driven future, where communities organically shape the metaverse. Unleash the collective power of creativity and innovation, building a thriving ecosystem that belongs to everyone.
  • Empowering Local Voices: No region will be left behind. MOZC facilitates culturally relevant experiences, ensuring everyone feels welcome and included in the metaversal symphony. Let a thousand voices rise, each adding their unique harmony to the digital landscape.

Koinpark’s Role as a Crypto Exchange in the MOZC IEO

Koinpark plays a multifaceted role in hosting the MOZC IEO, acting as a trusted global cryptocurrency exchange platform, facilitator, and partner for both the project and its investors. Here’s a breakdown of Koinpark’s key functions:

1. Launchpad Platform:

  • Koinpark provides the dedicated Launchpad platform where the MOZC IEO unfolds. This secure and user-friendly interface streamlines the entire process, from registration to token purchase.

2. Secure and Transparent Environment:

  • Koinpark ensures a safe and transparent environment for the IEO, adhering to KYC/AML regulations and best practices to protect participants’ funds and data.

3. Investor Reach and Liquidity:

  • Koinpark’s established user base of crypto enthusiasts and investors provides MOZC with direct access to potential backers, boosting the IEO’s visibility and potential for success.

4. Technical and Regulatory Expertise:

  • Koinpark’s team of blockchain experts and advisors guides MOZC through the technical and regulatory complexities of an IEO, ensuring a smooth and compliant launch.

5. Partnering for Success:

  • Koinpark goes beyond being just an exchange platform. They become a partner in MOZC’s success, offering ongoing support and guidance throughout the project’s lifecycle.


The culmination of the MOZ Coin (MOZC) IEO on Koinpark signifies a significant leap forward in advancing virtual connections. Fueled by the BEP20 token, it enhances the virtual realm, eradicating delays for an immersive real-time experience in the metaverse. Aligned with’s global vision, this initiative aspires to unify individuals and nurture a thriving metaverse. Seize the opportunity to shape the future of human connections by joining the MOZC IEO on Koinpark. It beckons users to engage in seamless virtual interactions, actively contribute to’s evolution, and unlock exclusive features within the virtual domain. Embrace the unfolding era of interconnected experiences!

For more inquiries and further information please contact:

Contact Person: Donald Lee


Join Mozlife Telegram Group:

About focuses on revolutionizing metaversal experiences by prioritizing real-time connections. Through our efforts, we aim to minimize delays and enhance the authenticity of virtual interactions. Our vision extends beyond a singular platform, aspiring to contribute to a globally connected metaverse where borders fade, cultures thrive, and human connections transcend limitations. 

About Koinpark: Koinpark is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform committed to addressing challenges within the crypto community. Established in 2020, the platform offers solutions for investing, trading, and promoting financial literacy, with a mission to empower individuals worldwide with secure, accessible, and user-friendly tools for engaging with cryptocurrencies.

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Press Release

Zeebu Takes ETHDenver by Storm as Cypher Sponsor, Presents ZBU Governance Hackathon with Prize Pool of Over $45K in Prizes, $2M in Grants

Crypto Chain Wire



Zeebu’s participation and sponsorship at ETHDenver spotlight the future of DeFi and blockchain governance, setting a new standard for community and developer engagement.

Zeebu, a pioneering force in the DeFi and Web3 space, announces its participation as a Cypher Sponsor at ETHDenver, the world’s largest and longest-running ETH event, taking place from February 23rd to March 3rd. This sponsorship marks Zeebu’s commitment to nurturing the Web3 community, fostering innovation, and promoting the spirit of #BUIDLing. With a series of keynotes, hackathons, and unique community engagement initiatives, Zeebu aims to inspire and catalyze the next generation of blockchain brilliance.

“ETHDenver represents not just a community gathering, but a melting pot of ideas shaping the future of blockchain. We’re here to be a part of that future—to contribute, learn, and grow with the community,” says Raj Brahmbhatt, Founder and CEO of Zeebu. “Our involvement as a Cypher Sponsor underscores our belief in the power of community-driven innovation and our commitment to the DeFi ecosystem.”

At the heart of ETHDenver, Zeebu will be a participant and a significant contributor, supporting the future of blockchain and connecting with industry peers, innovators, founders, developers, and the broader Ethereum community. The event will feature Zeebu’s team delivering insights into the future of decentralized finance and Zeebu’s role in revolutionizing the telecom settlement process with Web3 technologies.

“DeFi is at an inflection point, and at Zeebu, we are at the forefront of harnessing its potential to transform industries. Our presentation at ETHDenver will shed light on where we see the space heading and how Zeebu is leading the charge in making these technologies accessible and impactful,” shares Keshav Pandya, Co-founder & COO of Zeebu.

Adding to the excitement, Zeebu announces an exciting lineup of events and initiatives, including:

ZBU Governance Innovation Hackathon

Zeebu is set to host the ZBU Governance Innovation Hackathon, challenging participants to create groundbreaking solutions for blockchain governance. With prizes totalling $48,000 USDC for the winners and special grants worth up to $2 million in ZBU tokens for budding projects, the hackathon represents a significant opportunity for developers and startups to impact the future of Zeebu’s blockchain ecosystem.

Booth Donation Initiative

Zeebu is donating its booth space to showcase emerging talents and projects, emphasizing support for the community’s growth.

Empowering Innovators: Sponsorship for Developers

By sponsoring over 100 developers, Zeebu aims to boost innovation and support new talents in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Zeebu’s Visionaries Share Their Insights

Raj Brahmbhatt and Keshav Pandya, Zeebu’s leading minds, are set to deliver talks on the transformative impact of DeFi and Zeebu’s role in shaping the future of payments technology.

The ten-day event will begin with ETHDenver’s flagship hackathon, dubbed #BUIDLathon, and progress into the Main Event beginning February 29, 2024. The event will feature an NFT gallery, gaming arcade, workshops, networking gatherings, and more.

For more information on Zeebu, please visit

About Zeebu

Zeebu, the pioneering Web3 Neobank, having settled more than $900M in telecom transactions, is quickly emerging as a trusted payment and settlement partner for global telecom businesses. Currently serving over 100 active telecom carriers, the platform is revolutionizing the industry by introducing blockchain-based settlements and the ZBU loyalty token. The ZBU token facilitates instant and secure global transactions and rewards participants for successful settlements on the platform.

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Press Release

Web3 Neobank Platform, Zeebu Unveils Major Token Burn Through Phoenix Protocol

Crypto Chain Wire



Zeebu, the Web3 Neobank platform, has recently announced a strategic move to introduce the ZBU Phoenix Protocol. This initiative, aimed at optimizing token supply, underscores Zeebu’s commitment to build an ecosystem with a foundation of trust, backed by transparency and sustainability. 

Zeebu is a blockchain-based platform, specifically engineered for telecom transactions. It aims to revolutionize the sector by enabling automated settlements, facilitating seamless global payments, and bolstering efficiency and security through a unified telecom payment ecosystem. The ZBU token is a key component of the Zeebu platform. It plays a pivotal role in enabling smooth global transactions and introducing an on-chain loyalty mechanism. The ZBU loyalty token serves to incentivize and reward partners within the ecosystem for their active participation.

At the core of Zeebu’s ethos lies a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing finance and fostering sustainable growth. With the introduction of the ZBU Phoenix Protocol, Zeebu reaffirms its dedication to enhancing the long-term value proposition of the ZBU token in the market. The ZBU Phoenix Protocol, inspired by the symbolic cycle of rebirth and renewal associated with the phoenix, is meticulously crafted to strengthen the ZBU ecosystem’s health and stability.

The ZBU Token Burn Program is designed to systematically reduce the total supply of ZBU tokens, thereby enhancing market stability and fortifying the foundation of the Zeebu ecosystem. Through a carefully calibrated auto-burn mechanism, Zeebu will dynamically adjust the burn quantity based on consumption patterns and market prices, ensuring a balanced approach to token management.

Transparency and accountability are at the forefront of Zeebu’s operations. Each token burn event will be meticulously recorded and publicly accessible on the blockchain, providing stakeholders with full visibility into the process. Additionally, a portion of the tokens from the accumulated burning pool will be allocated towards new initiatives, further enriching the Zeebu ecosystem.

“The ZBU Token Burn Program reflects our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the decentralized finance space,” said Raj Brahmbhatt, the CEO and Founder of Zeebu. “By implementing this initiative, we aim to ensure a stable market presence of $ZBU token, while also promoting ecosystem growth.”

As Zeebu continues to spearhead innovation in the realm of decentralized finance, the ZBU Token Burn Program serves as a cornerstone of its strategic vision. By reducing token supply systematically and transparently, Zeebu is poised to create a more resilient and prosperous financial ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Zeebu is gearing up to release more specifics about the timeline and quantity for the ZBU token burn. The comprehensive information about the Phoenix Protocol can be found here.

About Zeebu:

‍Zeebu, the pioneering Web3 Neobank, having settled more than half a billion in telecom transactions, is quickly emerging as a trusted payment and settlement partner for global telecom businesses. The platform, currently serving over 100 active telecom carriers, is revolutionizing the industry with the introduction of blockchain-based settlements and the ZBU loyalty token. The ZBU token is designed to facilitate instant and secure global transactions and reward participants for successful settlements on the platform.

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Press Release

una Messenger: The Omnichain Communication Platform For a Truly Unbound Universal Blockchain Ecosystem

Crypto Chain Wire



  • New, evolved iteration of “PAPYRUS” token-gated messenger creates and links vast communities connected through tokens within the blockchain ecosystem
  • Upcoming “una Swap” feature facilitates asset swaps across multiple chains in a single transaction; “mudskipper” function automatically acquires native coins required to complete each transaction
  • unagi Naming Service (uNS) replaces lengthy wallet addresses with a unique personalized identity

una Messenger, the new, evolved iteration of the “PAPYRUS Messenger” token-gated communication platform, was revealed on February 11 by leading global web3 developer Wemade as the comprehensive communication platform of the WEMIX Foundation “unagi” omnichain initiative. unagi (shorthand for “Unbound Networking & Accelerating Growth Initiative”), pioneers the mass adoption of blockchain by seamlessly integrating diverse blockchains and services. 

Unbound and transparent communication

Going beyond its origin as a platform for WEMIX-based communities, una Messenger creates and links vast communities connected through tokens within the blockchain ecosystem. una Messenger offers both official channels for each token that any holder can join and private channels that are accessible based on each holder’s digital assets where you can chat about tokens, NFTs, and other various topics. This innovative communication approach for exchanging opinions and assets is done by connecting all blockchain networks and digital assets supported by unagi through either una Wallet, WEMIX Wallet, PLAY Wallet, or Wepublic Wallet.

The first step as una Messenger begins with the integration of Wepublic Wallet and DAO. The Wepublic platform launched by Wemade, which utilises blockchain technology, is a platform that allows users to create and transparently operate their own decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs). With the inclusion of the Wepublic Wallet to the existing supported wallets, all DAOs active within Wepublic can now establish new communication channels using una Messenger. Moreover, SBT(Soul Bound Token) issued within DAOs will serve as Proof of Qualification for entering DAO channels in una Messenger, facilitating more active communication between DAO members in each channel.

una Messenger also promises to deliver much more vivid and meaningful communication via the upcoming live streaming chat feature. Live Streaming will not only help boost interaction and engagement between users, but also build and expand the shared communities connected through una Messenger. 

New omnichain interactive DeFi features

The upcoming “una Swap” feature facilitates asset swaps across multiple chains in a single transaction. Now, both ideas and assets can be easily exchanged across all chains within the networks supporting the unagi initiative including Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Klaytn, Kroma, Polygon and WEMIX3.0. 

una Swap 2.0 will introduce the “mudskipper” function designed to streamline asset transfers across multiple chains while alleviating concerns about possessing network-specific native coins required for gas fees. Simply put, “mudskipper” will automatically process cross-chain swaps and transactions by acquiring the native coins required to complete each transaction.

Another una Messenger innovation, the unagi Naming Service (uNS) will revolutionise user experience by providing a convenient solution that allows users to replace lengthy wallet addresses with a unique personalised identity. This not only simplifies asset exchanges but also fosters a more engaging communication environment.

With the introduction of innovative features like una Swap and live streaming, and a novel approach to omnichain interactive DeFi, una Messenger has evolved into a unified communication platform that enables the creation of immersive and dynamic user experiences. una Messenger is the one and only communication platform for a truly unbound universal blockchain ecosystem.

Download una Messenger from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or visit for more information.

About Wemade 

WEMADE aims to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology, and is building through its WEMIX subsidiary, an experience-based, platform-driven, and service-oriented mega-ecosystem. Based on the WEMIX3.0 Mainnet, the WEMIX ecosystem features a wide spectrum of intuitive, convenient, and easy-to-use Web3 protocols and services. / 

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